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Sleepwalking and talking to passed relatives

Your Name:Melissa

My Story:So when I was able to talk, I was apparently talking to the ceiling, laughing at nothing, and reaching out for things that weren’t there. As I grew older and in an actual bed I started sleep walking every night that I didn’t sleep with my parents. One night in particular, my parents and I were at my passed grandparents house. We were playing a game in the room when I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. I turned away from the couch and slowly lifted a pointed finger at said couch. I said “grandma ____ and grandpa ____ is here, he’s taking his boots off at the door” (I had never met them or heard of them but I had said their names then but I can’t remember them now and the back door is in the living room) after a few minutes I went back to playing as if nothing happened. So later that night we were eating supper and I was sitting on the long side of the table which you could see the couch from there. So while eating I suddenly stopped mad I kept darting my eyes from the table to the couch. My parents asked me what was wrong and I told them that “grandma and grandpa are back with, oh they’re gone now” and I went back to eating like normal. That night my mother and father woke up to me talking to my grandma and grandpa and strangely, they were telling me about the future. They told me my mom would get sick, pass away after that, and my father would be set free. They told me many other things as well.
Stuff like this happened for the next six years. Sleepwalking, talking to passed relatives, and seeing things and feeling things. I would always see my grandpa (moms dad) and my great grandparents (dads grandparents) when I would be doing anything. At 10 everything stopped which I wasn’t complaining. But around the age of 11 or 12 I was getting “prophetic dreams” about my future and of family. Death was constantly brought up and freedom as well. Sadly, so far everything has come true. I am now 15 and I don’t get them very often anymore. Every few months at least.
However, I don’t get many dreams but I hear and see things again. There had been 4-6 deaths around or on my property and I would see a man standing in my backyard, tapping at my window, or even whispering through my door. Same with these women and my mother. I always see my mom on the 14th of every month, whether its a shadow or an actual figure. I always hear doors creak, walls being tapped, whispers, and even footsteps. I get so paranoid that I stay up nearly all night and get barely any sleep. My dad believes what I’ve said from when I was little but not anymore.

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