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Paranormal Activity at Gladstone Villa in the former mining town of Bargoed South Wales

From: Andrew Dexter

My Story: My family and I lived at a haunted property called Gladstone villa in the former mining town of Bargoed in the South Wales valleys during the 1970’s.
There were my grandparents and my mother and I lived with them.
My mother said the noises started in the attic soon after I was born in 1969 when my family heard a noise like someone jumping from the attic down onto the landing and when they went to check it out the saw that the hatch was open!
It eventually occupied itself in the main bedroom.
When I got older i heard the phenomena for myself and we all heard footsteps coming from the bedroom walking about every evening and one of us would turn the TV down to hear it more clearly and we would say ”He’s started”
My grandfather would try to point out exactly where he could hear it, look to the ceiling and say, ”He’s by here”, or ”He’s by here now”
A family friend would come to visit every evening and she didn’t believe it when she was told the Gladstone villa was haunted, I can still remember her going into the bedroom looking around and she said it was the vibration from the traffic outside that was causing it, but her opinion was soon to change when she actually experienced it for herself and she suggested a local medium she knew to call.
When he arrived he started off by asking a few questions and when he eventually began he challenged the spirit to perform by knocking on the ceiling, and sure enough it promptly knocked back at him!
He also went into a trance at one point to try and make contact but he failed to get a name but later he did confirm the obvious that there was indeed a presence there and it was an earthbound spirit.
A priest was also called to Gladstone villa and he said a few prayers and blessed the rooms and after he left it was quiet for a few short months, but it did return and with such vengeance!
On one occasion I remember it was in the day time, my mother just walked over the the couch and she turned her head to the left of her into the hallway and I saw the look of confusion on her face, I couldn’t see what she saw as the door was wide open blocking my view of the hallway, but she later told me she saw the face of an elderly man looking around the corner into the front room from the stairway, she said it was a face she never seen before, there were also other sightings.
We also experienced some miner poltergeist activity as at on occasion I saw an electrical cable being pulled, and this frightened me.
On yet another occasion I remember my grandfather coming into the room with a broken bottle, he told us it was thrown at him as he entered that particular bedroom, just missing him!
We were all scared so much that my grandmother, my mother and I slept down stairs, with the lights on, but my grandfather continued to sleep in the haunted bedroom and had an experience he never forgot.
He told us that he felt a presence there and heard something like a floorboard creaking and the next thing he couldn’t move at all!, he later told us that he tried to shout out to us but he couldn’t.
There were other incidents as well and we had the ghost for so long that my grandmother gave it a name, she called him, ”Johnny”.
My grandfather would regularly mock it by shouting ”Johnny oh!” but he didn’t get a reaction.
We all left Gladstone villa in June 1978 when two local business bought the property and it was eventually converted into a hotel some time in the 1980’s and it was renamed ”Redz parc hotel”.
I had my 40th birthday in there for old times sake in August 2009 and they told me about the ghost first and then I told them that I lived there in the 1970’s.
The staff told me of their own experiences and there have been reported sightings in room 5.
Johnny is still there!
What I have said here is true and I wouldn’t say any of this if I couldn’t possibly back it up.
For those skeptics who don’t believe me can check in to Redz parc hotel in Bargoed in the South Wales valleys, and ask for room 5 in particular, they will no doubt question their own belief system.
My family and I still remember it and still talk about it sometimes but it’s something we would never want to go through again.

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