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Is my paranormal experience simply something my subconscious conjured up or something more?

From: LB

My Story :This past night I had a shift from 3AM to 7AM and a class following that at 9AM. I typically go to bed around 2AM but, not wanting to pull an all-nighter, I tried to get some sleep beforehand. Around 10PM I got into bed and left the TV and lamp on for my roommates return. As I begin to drift asleep I find myself experiencing something I have never encountered before. Typically, drifting asleep (for me at least) entails my eyelids getting heavier, my mind slowing down, my breathing steadying, etc. However, on this particular night, I found that wasn’t the case. Physically, my body felt tired, almost dead-like, empty, and unmoving. Mentally however, my mind was racing and I was still aware of my surroundings and the fact that I was not fully asleep (despite my body’s signals that I was). I understand this is state is sometimes referred to as “sleep paralysis” but I’m not all that familiar with sleep paralysis and until I do further research, I don’t want to assume that is what I experienced. Then, I feel the emptiness inside of me begin to be overtaken. Obviously I am not possessed but the feeling felt similar and I could physically fell an energy enter and crawl inside of my body. I kept trying to resist the feeling but it was too powerful and finally it reached my throat. I kept forcing myself to burp thinking maybe it was just air and somehow burping would help stop it and for a second it did but as soon I was done the feeling was right there again reaching higher and higher until finally it overtook me. I don’t exactly remember the details after that expect that but I felt almost completely unconscious, not in control, and I must have drifted off to sleep shortly thereafter. So then, roughly 20-30 minutes later I woke back up. Not thinking much of it I rolled onto my other side and fell back asleep until 30 minutes after that I woke back up. This cycle continued and I could not stay asleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. I felt as though the energy wanted my attention. Keep in mind that I am a typically a very, very heavy sleeper and am able to sleep through the night no problem. Around midnight (maybe closer to 1AM) I found myself woken up yet again and rolled over onto my other side so that I was no longer facing the wall. As I did this, I opened my eyes a noticed the reflection of the upper body of a person staring back at me from the corner of my roommate’s mirror. Her square mirror is hung on the wall diagonally from my bed (about 12-15 feet away). I immediately dart my eyes to the center of the room to try and find the source of the figure and then look back in the mirror but the figure has vanished. Finally around 2:30AM I wake to get ready for work. My roommate has still not returned and I try to process the events that occurred the past few hours. Finally I arrive at work and roughly 10 minutes into my shift my roommate calls me. She says that she will be staying in a friend’s room tonight because upon arriving back to the room a few minutes earlier, she sensed some sort of strong energy and got a weird vibe. Meanwhile, up until then, I had no contact with her and had not gotten the chance to tell her any of the events that I had experienced in that room just a few hours earlier.
The building that I live in is said to be haunted. In fact, just this past weekend a few of the girls who live next played with an Ouija board. They told us that they met four spirits that night. Two of the spirits were children who died on a nearby plantation in the 1800s of tuberculosis. One of the spirits didn’t give much information about his past and called himself “demon”. They said he appeared to be overtaken by another spirit named Tom who people think to have committed suicide but was really murdered. Additionally, there is a graveyard located right near my building with graves that date back to the 1800s.
This particular night, there was a full moon. I have heard that paranormal activity peaks during the full moon phase due to the increased power of the magnetic field in the atmosphere. Also, statistics show that many unusual, unexplainable things happen during full moons and patients in insane asylums, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. tend to act out. Furthermore, my experience occurred during the “witching hours” of the night, or between 12AM to 3AM, in which it is said that paranormal activity also peaks during those hours.
I texted a long-distance friend telling her of my experience and she replied saying that some weird things have happened to her tonight as well. For instance, her dog was uneasy and barking/crying in a corner (it is also said that dogs can sense spirits). Is my experience simply something my subconscious conjured up or is there something more?

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  1. Nobody really knows if it’s just our subconscious conjuring up these happenings but with my experience it’s best to believe that it’s not your subconscious and rather that it is real. It’s best to get your place looked at as soon as possible by someone capable.

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