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My paranormal experiences started when I was 8 years old

From: Emma

My Story: My experiences started when i was 8 years old. In february 1997 (then i was age 7) i lost my grandma whom i was extremely close to i was at hers every weekend and school holiday etc, a year on i was then aged 8 it was the anniversary of my grandmas death and i awoken in the middle of the night (i dont know why i woke up because i always slept through) and there at the end of my bed was the silhouette of her praying. this has always brought great comfort to me knowing she is watching over me. then at the age of 15 i lost my grandad (my grandmas husband) and every year on his anniversary there is always a white feather left in my house i have no explanation on where it could have come from but my auntie went to the grave and found one there so i think its them letting us know there still here with us its a very comforting thought.

here is another story of mine….

i moved into my house in 2010 and at first all was quiet, but after a few months i would be sat down stairs and would hear running up and down the stairs footsteps in my bedroom and my daughters bedroom (she was only 1 and in a cot at the time). as the years have gone on its getting to be happening most of the days/nights im seeing a black shadow leaning over the banister crouched in a corner on the stairs and walking on the landing…my daughter speaks to someone all the time when playing upstairs.
There are 2 particular incidents that have really stuck with me they are….
a few months after i moved in i was in bed reading a book it was around 11.30pm and the spare bedroom is next door to my room at the front of the house and my dryer is in there against the adjoining wall under the window and it sounded like someone jumped onto the dryer hit the wall then jumped on the floor now that really made me uncomfortable when id got up and seen no one was in the room…..

the other one is…..

i was home alone one night it was about 10.30pm i had my laptop in my hands getting ready to go up to bed and i heard a noise in my daughters room the only thing i could describe it as was someone climbing through the window and jumping off the windowsillA onto the floor then a creepy little giggle ive never heard anything like it in my life….and as usual i go and check and there is no one there….

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