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Were the shadowy figures my dead parents visiting me at my chawl in Bombay?

From: Mohanan

My Story: It was about 25 long years back.
The scene was in a sleepy suburb of Bombay, India.
I was early in the careers of my life.
The Bombay suburb, Kalyan was awakening to get transformed; there were only few concrete buildings there during those days. My accommodation was in one of those newly came up hundreds of Chawl types. A chawl is a row of individual rooms. It has got only one door in front side and no back doors. The room is bifurcated by a wall separating the main or front room on one side and the kitchen, cooking platform and a place to wash and bath, on the other side. There will be up to 10 rooms in one chawl. Back to my chawl accommodation; in the kitchen there is a small window, say of 2.5` x 1.5` in size approx. One enters the front room, say of some 10` x 10` through the only door in front of the room. The wall that bifurcates the living room and kitchen is left abruptly open(2’) along the side wall on one side giving passage into the kitchen, say of 8` x 8` approx. In the living room which was also my bed room, reading room and drawing! there is a wide window, say of 3` x 3`. Above all, one should note that the area of my chawl and those in the surroundings were on the vastness of an old graveyard then still utilized for burying dead bodies.

I was living with my two elder brothers in an adjacent chawl room (of course more spacious). When the eldest one got married, we took on rent the above referred chawl type residence also and my immediate elder brother stayed with me for more than one more year. My brothers had booked apartment blocks that were starting to come up. Later, when they got possession of the apartments booked by them, they moved on and I preferred to stay back in the chawl.

It was probably a November-end night. It was around 11:00 pm that this incident occurred.

I was laying on my back on the bed laid out on a metal frame, say of two feet high. In that position, just stretching my neck backwards a little, I can easily see that portion of my room behind my head. And then I started hearing sounds being caused by as if somebody is walking here and there. The sounds kept reaching my ears. I could not believe myself; what is happening and what is that. From my dogmatic atheist background, I was not ready to believe in all these. I thought that it may be the making of mouse. When they are pregnant mouse collects all possible bed materials like fibres, cloth, paper etc. So I believed that all these noises are nothing else but by a mice taking away a newspaper sheet. Strangely, I did not feel of getting up and inspecting the kitchen side where from these peculiar sounds were coming. I kept on listening to the kitchen on the other side of the wall. And then, so curious I am, stretching my neck a little backward and towards the source of the noises, I seen there slowly coming a shadowish human form. When it very slowly proceeded onwards, I saw another shadowish human form just behind the one in front. They very slowly moved onwards and when reached just behind my head, Stopped! I do not remember my exact mental state of that moments. But I did pinch my hand to make sure that I am not dreaming. It hurt me. So I am not dreaming in sleep! The next thing I did was raising my leg. I could, but my raised leg freezed there! I was totally numbed, freezed. The two human forms then started slowly moving onwards and in the darkness of the angle of the door and side wall, vanished. And then everything changed or gone back to how it was. During the time when the above incident was taking place, I was not seeing anything else, except these unexplainable visitors. And then the darkness gave way to natural lights. My front windows were open. Nearby there was an electric lamp post, live. From and through the window, I could see the moon. I could have seen a paper piece lying on the floor, if there was one.

My mother had passed off some five years back then. When alive, she used to work a lot in house and in our meager paddy fields. I was having such a strong bond with my mother that whenever I am in home and seeing her toiling, I will definitely join her. In the last one year of her life, she was hospitalized for long durations for treatment of cancer. Her liver was affected. And I could not see her during the last one year when she was fighting the disease. I could not even see her dead body. And my elder brothers preferred that I should not see her. She have had seven chemo-therapies before finally rejected by the doctors. During those days there was no effective treatment to cancer, nor could any normal middle class family in India can afford the expenses. After the demise of my mother, my father who was sick of a long standing complication – he was not having a valve in his heart lived for few more years. And one of his learnt friends had predicted of his life span till 55 years only, not any further. He did cross his 55-years, but in few months thereafter passed away. I could not see his dead body also, because during those days, it will take two days to reach home from my workplace. And we were poor; immediate travelling expenses were also a problem.

From the physical futures of the strange visitors, I presume that they were my parents. I did not feel afraid anymore. In fact, even immediately after the above incident, I did not feel unsafe, staying and sleeping in that very room. I continued to live in that room for well over two more years. I have never again experienced any unexplainable incident in that room.

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