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A strange experience with my boyfriend I can’t explain.

From: Catherine

My Story : Hello everyone! I’d like to share a strange experience I had in my summer vacation with my boyfriend. In the middle of the night (I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t sleep at all that night),as I was tossing and turning in our bed, at a moment when I had my back against my boyfriend, I opened my eyes(for no reason at all) and I saw my boyfriend standing right next to the bed staring at me. He wasn’t doing anything, he was just standing still, looking at me! He didn’t say anything when he saw that I saw him but he kept staring! This lasted more than five seconds.He really gave me the creeps! I was so afraid and also so surprised because I didn’t hear him getting off the bed and walking. So I asked him “what are you doing? with a very frightened voice. He didn’t answer nor move. And then I realized that he was actually sleeping in the bed next to me! And the “creepy boyfriend” was gone. Can someone explain what had happened that night?(I don’t take any drugs or medication and I don’t drink, so I don’t think that it was a hallucination)

Updated: October 23, 2013 — 8:45 pm


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  1. If you werent hallucinating or dreaming, and you are bieng honest, the only explanation i can think of is maybe he was having an out of body experience without knowing? Many people belive the spirit can leave the body during sleep.

  2. My wife had the same thing with me. She saw me at the end of the bed and sat up saying ‘what are u doing? Where are u going?” As the other me was walking at the foot of the bed they turned and looked at her as she spoke. Her voice woke me up as I was asleep next to her. I said “what!!?” And made her jump as I spoke and Shen she looked back the other me had gone. It really freaked her out. Now at that time, my dad had just died. He looked like me and the young him was very like me. Could have been him visiting! Or her tripping who knows…!!

  3. Hey, I Had a really similar experience. I woke up in the middle of the night, and looked up to see my girlfriend standing over me, I jumped and made a little squeal noise.. Only to wake the girlfriend sleeping next to me. I have never understood how that could happen.

  4. Maybe it was a spirit impersonating your significant other?

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