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A life full of psychic experiences in Iceland

From: Eva Lind

My Story: Okay so.. You dont have to believe me but when I was younger about 2-5 years old, I could talk to spirits,ghosts, what ever you call it. I dont remember this at all, but my mother told me all about this some years ago.
When I was 5 years old we lived in this very old house and I had about 7 “friends” (ghosts) I talked to. They were all nice to me and we just sat and talked. But one night my mom woke up to me crying in my room. She rushed over to me
and tried to find out what happened but I couldnt talk, couldnt stop crying! This happenend many nights after that and the only thing I could say was: ” He stands in the window and stares at me.”
My mom has this friend who is a medium. He called my mother up one day out of the blue and said ” I know whats bothering her, we have to meet up.” My mother agrees and meets up with him and I tag along. To make
a long story short he “closes” me up. I dont understand what he did but he said that in the future when Im ready Im going to be able to see these kind of things again.

Today Im 18 years old. I have been experiencing weird thing lately. Okay Ill start with the first occurrence. I was sleeping in my bed one night when I woke up. I heard my mom walking around in the kitchen and somehow
I just thought it was perfectly normal that she would be waking around 3 in the morning. So I went back to sleep. But woke up again (at least thats what I thought)
The brightness and mood in the room had changed dramatically. And my mom was lying next to me. Suddenly I feel these long fingered hands grab my shoulders and lift me straight up in the air and my cover just flew of me and I heard this weird growl when I realized I was dreaming and woke up. I felt everything like it was real !!

Okay so another thing happened to me. I was going to sleep next to my little sister. I had my eyes closed for a while and was trying to fall a sleep. I opened my eyes and there was this woman hovering over me and my sister just staring into my eyes. I didnt do anything just stared back. She was old and wrinkled. Then she kind of floated away and disappeared into the darkness. Than my heart just started pounding! This time I was wide awake !!

The night after that I was going to sleep. I turned of the light and tried to get comfortable but there was something wrong I just felt it. My room was very dark and I was staring at my door when I see this weird shaped shadow standing over my bed. I freaked out and closed my eyes but when I closed them I could still see!
But I still had them closed! Then I saw all kinds of faces staring at me one at a time. I didnt know these people at all. This went on for like 30 minutes. In the end I gave up and turned on the light and went to sleep.

Sooooo… Today! I took a nap. I woke up and saw this woman standing at the end of my bed. I tried to focus my eyes on her but when I did this very scary figure of a man with this huge mouth tried to attack me! I couldnt move, I couldnt scream, I was just frozen. And then he just went away.

These things have been happening to me lately, also I have been hearing noises and smelling weird smells when nobody else can smell them. Im also seeing a lot of shadows and feeling like someone is with me. Can someone please help me, I just need some answers. Am I becoming a medium again ?

Ps. Im from iceland so please dont make fun of my spelling !

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  1. I think you are experiencing sleep paralysis. Im 15 years, old, and it happens all the time to me. Over 50 percent of people get it at least one in their lifetime, but some worse than others. It seem like you have it pretty bad, but its preventable. I don’t know much about this topic, but i do know this. When you fall asleep, REM ( Rapid eye movement) shuts off, and Your body paralyzes itself in its sleep, so you don’t act out in your sleep and hurt yourself. When you wake up, both of these are supposed to come back on, but sometimes REM comes on faster than when you can move your body again. Then that can put you in the place of sleep paralysis. Often you wake up, and automatically feel a sense of panic and evilness, and most of the time you realize you are paralyzed. There are all types of visions, and monsters you can see, and it seems so real. Sometimes i feel like i am being lifted up, or sinking. Other times, i feel something on top of me, or like its chocking me. Also, it is possible to see or feel as if theres an invader in the room. I GOt my first experience at an extremely young age, and thought i was crazy, but just recently discovered what it really is. t used to really freak me out, and i was tremendously scared to go asleep, getting maybe 3 hours a night. AFter research though, I came to realize everything is imaginary, and with practice and willpower, you can easily control it. FIrst things first, when you think about it, its most likely going to happen. Don’t let it scare you. Its simply just a trick your mind is playing, and the devil trying to give you a false spook. So you realize your in this phase, and you have tried to calm yourself from panacing. Now, theres a chance you can get out of it. TRy wiggling your toes and fingers, and if you can, close your eyes, If you are not able to move anything, don’t get nervous. Then, imagine a shield with your mind. Picture it around the body, and how it pushes all the images out of your mind. THink in your head, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” And you will get out of sleep paralysis. Studies show, thinking about our almighty God during this phase, or drawing the cross with your hands, will calm your nerves and get you out of it. Also, sleep paralysis somewhat relates to lucid dreaming. If you get enough practice, you can catch yourself in sleep paralysis and close your eyes to lucid dreaming, WHich is a dream completely controlled my you that feels extremely real. SOme people think sleep paralysis is caused by a repeating sin, or being distant from God. You can try fixing that if you wish to kill these experiences. Long story short; Don’t be scared. Its completely preventable and controllable, also only a mind playing a trick on you.

  2. i have been there many many timesin the past.
    what is happening is the block which was placed upon you by your mom’s friend has been slowly ending.
    as time has been progressing your mind has been opening up more and more, as a result you are now seeing and hearing a wide range of other frequencies which most people cannot access, this is a good thing as you will be able to connect with others across the universe, not just across the globe.
    there is however a catch, along with all the good things you will discover is the bad, unfortunatly because of the block you will have to learn how to control the gifts you have.
    please be careful at this delecate stage as you will attract all spirits and entities like a magnet when you open up and use your gifts, you will find that the longer you use them the more will appear to come.
    i can tell you that it will take many years to try to learn how to control things which will make you somewhat vulnerable.
    i can also tell you that there is an entity travelling around which is so evil you will feel him before you even see him or notice him, this entity is what is generally called satan, the closer he gets the more you will feel like you are in a freezer, even if the weather outside is like blistering heat.
    if you do come accross him you must block out all thought’s/emotions/feelings and not use any gifts until he has passed on by otherwise he will take notice of you, which is not a good thing.
    along with him there are several other very evil entities which also give you the same reaction.
    the ones which are mischievous are the spirits of children, they like to play tricks on you and others, even more so if you notice them. when you have a child which says there are monsters either in or under something this normally means they are being pranked by the spirits of other children, you are able to assert a measure of control on those situations.
    remember this one point: spirits and entities do move around and can follow a person if they wish to do so, they are not just stuck in a building or an area, do not believe what you see or hear in the movies as they mostoften get things wrong.

    as for my gifts.
    i have the ability to remote view, this means i can connect to a person and both see and hear what is happening.

    i am extremely empathic and can feel other peoples feelings even if they are trying desperatly to hide them.

    with direct contact i can see a persons life flash before my eyes.

    i also have the ability to feel the pain of others as if it is happening to me, this normally requires some level of direct contact.

    i have the ability to feel death when it occurs, the worst one was when a missile strike from a drone killed a good few people at the same time, i heard their quick screams and felt them being blown apart and silenced, it was like being hit with a blast wave, i was in a supermarket at the time and was noticed as i froze mid stride and dropped my basket then recomposed myself a min later after the blast wave passed.

    i also have what is commonly known as the power of the spirit, i can extend and control the force of my energy, i can channel it like a repulsing force or use it as a defacto invisible weapon, i have not tried to heal anyone and am not sure how or if that would work.

    i have some telepathic abilities as well which i have used to contact several representatives from several alien races, one of which paid me a visit and spoke to me directly, one of the others whilst my mind was connected to his allowed me to see the whole of one of the larger space craft which was interesting.
    when they speak to you it is with the soft voice of a child, it is very peacefull and relaxing.
    the bad thing happened after the visit when i partially awoke inside a type of holographic representation of my bedroom with some high ranking generals from the uk and us standing behind a window looking and pointing in my direction whilst having heated discussions, they didn’t realise that i could see past the holograms and could see them, i dozed off and awoke as normal back in my actual bedroom the next morning, i don’t think they quite knew how to handle or deal with me plus ever since i connected to a particular et i have been getting repeated connections on a daily basis, kind of like checking up on me.

    the best and at the same time strangest connection i had was with a girl who also had the gift of remote viewing, she would stare in a mirror naked at herself in order to get a connection when her mind was clear of distractions, well i got a good look, however she somehow knew the connection had become a two way one and quickly covered herself up then broke the connection in fear, i have tried to connect to her again but she has closed herself off.

    i hope i have not put you off trying out your gifts but i wanted you to know just what is possible, the good and the bad from my experiences.

  3. Jesus is the only way for freedom.

    That medium only has a limited amount of power. He most likely made some kind of deal with these demons. Btw these are demons taking form of other being to leave you ignorant of who your fighting.

    I know because I’ve had similar experiences. Ivery had a demon appear as a woman that would push me into my bed at night. Ever since I called out to God. It has not happened again.

    Now I cast demons out and away from people.

    Please you may be in danger, and if this happens again just remember if you call out on the name of Jesus you will be saved. Please come to Jesus before these demons start to try and destroy you.

    Call me if you ever need help 8168094030

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