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I saw a blueish white light floating above the antique sewing machine

From: Ashton

My Story: Today, November 1, I was just about to leave to go school at right around 7:20 am. I had just finished my normal morning routine before leaving. I was standing beside my couch putting my headphone into my phone. My two cats were playing on the stairs by the couch, as they do everyday. Above an antique sewing machine we have in our house i saw a very bright, very brief blueish white as is it were a ball of lightning. It had a noticeable poof sound, and was roughly the size of an average Volleyball. The flash of whatever it was not only started me, it scared my two cats. They stopped playing immediately and ran out of our living room. I’ve had a very uneasy feeling about it all day, mostly because it is not the first odd goings on we have had in our house. We have seen unexplained shadows, as well as a small child’s laughter in the middle of the night when everyone in the household is asleep. My cousin and i have also, on several occasions, had the same child apparition following us. Through out all my experiences the flash of light worries my the most, if anyone has any advice as to what it would be I would love to hear it!

Updated: November 3, 2013 — 8:33 pm


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  1. Have you talked to anyone about this? Who owned the house before you?

  2. I see flashes of light all the time, I wouldn’t worry about it. It sounds like you have a family of spirits. Nothing evil.

  3. trust your cats,maybe get a Native American or Wiccan house cleansing if you go for that kind of stuff

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