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Ouija Board Experiences and the Smell of Sulphur

From: Ali Paige

My Story: My best friend and I held a seance in her backyard this past August. She and I borrowed our good friend’s antique ouija board. For the past couple months she and I checked out books on various cultural spirituality and heady supernatural phenomena. We read books aloud on her sheltered backporch almost every night til September even after our experience. We’re hippies what can we say?
We’d been reading about ouija and I think all of the negative hype surrounding “the talking board.” We went online and researched ouija. Some shared completely cliche expected viewpoints on the ouijaboard and others had nothing but curious things to share. My best friend and I came to the agreement that we were going to hold a ouija seance. I was fearful at first but then after opening my mind, we drove to our friend’s.
She and I looked at the antique talking board, admiring the decorative sun/moon drawings on the two top corners. Our friend’s vintage antique store treasure was used only for eye candy in her home. We were thankful to have it in our temporary grips. We assured our friend that her board was safe with us and that it would be returned. After returning to my best friend’s porch we talked and waited a week to finally use the ouijaboard.
The dark star-bathed sky held close to a full moon on a summer’s night in our southern Ohioian town. We were getting ready for our experiment in our neighboorhood that was a former apple orchard 16 years before. She and I finished our extensive ouijaboard iphone research. We went inside to gather sea salt, a cream colored pretty much fully burnt up candle, dragon’s blood incense, a sun/moon wooden incense holder, and a towel to sit down on the concrete beside the pool. She layed down the towel as we picked our spot facing the shed, giving us a perfect view of the moon above her fence and the neighboring house.
My best friend lit the candle and the incense. I took out our sheet of notebook paper with a protective saying on it written just 20 minutes before this. I grabbed the sea salt and protected our circle with the ouija board being in the center. I used candle light to hold under our paper so I could read. She and I sat down across from eachother so we both could keep the talking board in the middle. She held 4 fingers on her side of the planchette and then I did the same.
We breathed deeply with our fingers on the piece, taking in the smell of the incense, and meditating with the brisk air. We read that it was useful to clear the mind and have zero expectation. I took off one hand the planchette so I could read the questions I was going to ask if someone came through. She and I sat waiting and then five minutes later the fun begins. All of the sudden we heard drums..1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4. Picture big the ones used in native ceremony long ago.
Keeping our eyes closed, feeling nothing but excitement, I then ask if we’re speaking to a native american. Simultaneously, we hear multiple cries of celebration and the drumming continuing on. I then ask, do you belong to Earth? Right on cue the night is pierced with various chanting..some female, children, and male voices. My best friend and I keep our eyes closed dancing to the beat of the drumming!
I thank these energies for including us in their celebration and that they’re amazing. I do know that I was feeling awfully high on spirit vibes that I ask them if they like our candle. I was giggling with the Indians but my best friend looked at me like are you serious? She then asks the energies if they can make themselves known and this made them leave soon after knocking on the fence. Unfortunately, after a few minutes I lose sight of the indians and hear footsteps in the grass six feet in front of us.
My best friend and I whispering to each other at this point, she then asks if I can hear jazz? I said no and then we both smelt/felt air in around us resembling rotten eggs. I knew that what was about to potentially come through the board most likely wasn’t very pleasant. My best friend didn’t know what sulfur indicated so I mildly pleaded with her to close the board. She complied annoyingly. I catch my breath and take in everything otherworldly that took place.
My friend said..she smelt farts. I said our protective words again and closed the circle. My best friend was relentless with the what’s sulfur mean questions. I whispered..”hell” and then lingering energy piercing the silence with ghoulish shrieks! We walked back to her porch absolutely drained and discuss what in the bloody hell just happened. She and I could still hear that familiar drumming in the background but growing faint with each second.
A few days later she and I are texting. She tells me that her father put the planchette back on the ouijaboard and that she’s been smelling sulfur everywhere she goes. Even though she took the piece off of the board the energy started back up. I hadn’t had any problems other than my own mind playing tricks on me. I meet up with her and then I faintly get a whiff.
A few more days later, I get the idea to go buy some dried sage from the local grocer. It was necessary for me to cleanse my best friend’s home, my best friend herself, and then our friend’s ouija. My best friend came and picked me up alarming me that the smell has gotten worse. My best friend still isn’t scared but I tell her that it’s a good thing we’ve cleansed. She and I have had no problems since.
Needless to say what we experienced was incredible but if I didn’t have knowledge that I acquired before the happening..well we might have been haunted forever. Ouija is not to be played with if you do not have knowledge of the supernatural and remember if you sense bad..GET OUT!!! Also, limit your ouija time to 2 times a week and do not do it alone pyschic or not. It was great to share my best friend and my story. Peace and love!

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  1. Ok here’s the thing… don’t ever use or play with oija no matter who you are or what you know, no matter what. It is a foolish idea, dipping your fingers in jello you don’t know the color of. there is no way you can understand what it is about or control it. That’s the whole idea. By using oijaboard, you submit control to any entity that. wishes to take over and feed you information. and “demons” can see slightly into the future. so they know when this will happen. it opens for.them a portal into the next layer of our reality. in other words evil forces come to our world and cannot be sent back. It is an open invitation. so have fun with that. =[

  2. The Ouija board is REALLY dangerous!!! Something INCREDIBLE and UNBELIEVABLE happened!!!!!

  3. I used an ouija board. It can be dangerous. I got in contact with angels and demons. I always say a prayer first. I use a pendulum with my ouija board. Take care.

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