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Visitors in the night and waking up with bruises

From: Cheyenne

My Story:
Summer 2011: i’m in my room on my laptop, i laid it down on my bed. I fell asleep. Then i just woke up all of the sudden and im trying to turn my light on, it wont come on. I walk out of my room run to my moms room to ask her to fix it and i trip and land on my face, she tells me to stop running. I just walk back to my room. I wake up again after going back to sleep and my light works now. I asked my mom if she fixed it and she had no idea what i was talking about. She said i never mentioned anything about my light and i never even woke up.
A few months later i’m sleeping in my room, i hear someone so i wake up and i cant move, cant speak, i feel an intense pressure on my chest and there’s something pulling me into my closet. I want to scream but cant. Everything feels so real. I wake up on the floor and dismiss it as a dream and maybe i just fell off the bed.

January 2013:
I’m staying over at my boyfriends house, no ones home and i wake up and cant move, cant speak. I see someone looking at me just watching me. I try so hard to wake myself up and cant. So i just start trying to fall back asleep. All of the sudden there’s a man laying on me. His face melts and all that’s left is a body. I’m so scared and close my eyes. I wake up later on and am freaked out.
A few weeks later the same thing happened except instead of the man i dont know its my boyfriend just standing in the corner of his room. Watching me. I cant move. I fall back asleep and he wakes me up like hey i just got home! I was so scared.
It didnt happen much after that until a month ago i was asleep in my room and all of the sudden these men are in my room waking me up and i try to scream but i cant. They wrap me up in my blanket and are trying to suffocate me. My little brother and sister come in and the men dissappear. I woke up sweaty and had tears running down my face. I asked my little brother and sister why they came in when they did and if they saw anything. And they were so confused. They hadnt come in my room at all that evening. I noticed scratches on my thighs they next day along with some bruising.
Okay and thats not even just it. About a week after that i had a similar experience except at my boyfriends house and had bruises covering my shins and calves, like 15-20 small-large bruises. I have no idea why this is happening to me and im really scared is there anyone who has had similar experiences?

Updated: November 9, 2013 — 7:25 pm


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  1. Your spiritual senses are awake. The things which are happening to you are real, they are real to those whose spiritual senses are awake, opened. I suggest you seek someone with Great spiritual understand to help you understand

    1. I had sleep paralyses where i was awake looking at my wall and everything felt weird but i couldn’t move or talk and i could just hear people laughing like they were outside partying or something.

  2. What you’ve been experiencing is called Sleep Paralysis, it may or may not be paranormal related. I’ve experienced the same thing before, been a long time since the last time. I noticed, based on my personal experiences, it happens when you are half asleep and half awake. You just have to relax to get away from it, the more you struggle the more it’s difficult.

  3. I believe what you’re experiencing is a mixture of sleep paralysis and hypnogogia. Hypnogogia is where your mind is in between he state of awake and asleep. I’ve had a lot of hypnogogic moments like the ones you’ve described and they do feel very real. I’ve experienced the same instance of not being able to turn my lights on. I also had one where I was laying in my bed trying to sleep, but started to feel my entire body tingle and slowly numb. Then I started having a seizure. I ended up rolling out of bed and calling out for help, when my roommate came in and caught me just before I fell on my face. Everything was very vivid and felt very real, but I woke up in my bed, still feeling the tingling all over my body which slowly faded. It was all a hypnogogic hallucination. Because you say you see people you know and this seems to happen no matter where you sleep, I don’t think it’s paranormal. Try to stay calm when you experience these as anxiety makes it worse and more frequent. I hoped this helped.

  4. I have had similar experiences too where after I fall asleep I dream that I trying to turn on my bedroom light but it doesn’t turn on, in other dreams I see someone standing next to my bed and if try to scream I am not able to and my entire body goes numb. Whenever I wake up from these dreams I am always sweaty and the numbing feeling that I had during my dream is there too that fades away slowly before I start feel calm again. Sometimes I woken from these dreams crying and a few scratches over my stomach. I don’t know what it means but I think they are just nightmares and I try not think about them because the more I think about them the frequent they get.

  5. I have had the same experience as a child then it stoped and started agin when i was like maybe 17 or so then it stoped again up until recently i had woke up it was so real but i couldnt move talk or scream i had so much pressure it felt like some one was punching me beating me up

  6. Katrina Gigliotti

    There are a lot of possible explanations for what is going on. The worst case scenario is you’re experiencing a combination of sleep paralysis and night terrors that are an end result of suppressed traumas.
    Best case scenario you could be sensitive to a certain food substance, causing your brain to emit hormones similar in compound nature to hallucinogenic substances, and when consumed too close to bedtime it’s triggering these episodes.

  7. Hi! I’m going through something slightly similar. I had a dream that someone was grabbing my ankles and dragging me down my bed. The dream terrified me so I woke up and I felt as though someone was watching me. The feeling was very intense and my breathing went very very dodgy. I eventually went back to sleep but the next morning was more terrifying. When I woke up to see that my ankles were bruised, black n blue.

  8. I deal with the same thing. It usually doesn’t happen if I’m sleeping in a pitch dark room like mine in the basement of my house but if I fall asleep in a room with a window or where there’s light from something I always experience it . I wake up with bruises all on my thighs and when I have the sleep paralysis it’s scary cause I wanna just move I can’t feel my body but can’t move anything and I can’t speak just breath so I try to breath heavily to get somsone to wake me up or just his morning it happened again and I was trying to see if I could make out words using my breath and I can and I heard it clearly so if you ever deal with this and you know someone else is truly there in the room with you try that if you really want someone to wake you up. I haven’t seeked help from any kinda paranormal expert but I’ve been thinking about it . It’s extremely scary but you’re not alone in it.

  9. I’ve suffered this for years and I do have a sleep disorder where I don’t sleep very well my mind wants to but my body doesn’t. I have 2 children and inot my dreams I’m trying to get up to them because the fear is getting worse and worse in my dream I woke up this morning with bruises all down my thigh’s this time it’s scary and I wish it would go away.

  10. What dose it mean when you have a dream of a cult holding you down at your ankles and arms and you wake up with brusies on your ankles

  11. I’ve recently gone through some real life changes and have found that these experiences are absolutely of the paranormal. When we dream we go elsewhere. It is incredible. It is scary. But it can also be beautiful. When we dream we can be just realizing parts of ourselves that need to be addressed or we can be going elsewhere, portaling into the dreams of those we’ve encountered. What I want to know is if you’ve experienced sexual abuse. Or even witnessed it in others. Our dreams help us make sense of what is happening to us on a daily basis. And no, time is not linear, so if whatever happened to you was years ago your body may still be trying to make sense of it. Your attacker or some other attacker could still be trying to take advantage of your weakness. Not true weakness, because you are strong for having gone through what you have gone through, but psychic weakness, from not understanding your strength and what it has taken you to overcome what has happened to you.

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