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I believe that my paranormal incidents are due to a spirit of some kind

From: Kortney

My Story: I have had several experiences with what I believe to be spirits. When I was younger, my
Mom found me talking to myself in our living room. She asked me who I was speaking to, and I told her it was “the ghost boy”. I was way too young to even know what this meant, but my mom has always believed in the paranormal, while my dad is a complete sceptic. Years later, we were living in an old house that had belonged to our neighbor as a child. He and his father built the house themselves and it had a huge basement with little alcoves and passages. I refused to go down in the basement because I said it was scary and made me feel weird. My mother, and young brother said that they had both seen a man in the basement wearing military garb. The odd thing is,
My mom never told us kids what she had seen because she didn’t want to scare us, but my brother reported that he had seen the exact man that she had, without knowing about her experience. What makes it even weirder, is that
My dad (again, a huge sceptic) said he had seen the man too, but didn’t say anything about it until my brothers insident. My last experience with a spirit was in a beach house that we rented up in Delaware. It was old and everything the owners had was left in the house; even tooth paste and shampoo from years ago. It had been vacant forever because the owner had Alzheimer’s and was living with her daughter. I was sitting in the living room when I saw what I believed to be one of my brothers walking out of the mudroom and into the kitchen. I called out their names to see which one it was, when my mom called from the porch on the opposite side of the house and said everyone was in there. All the doors in the house would randomly open and all the clocks were frozen at the same time. This may seek hoaky to some, but I believe that in all these incidents there was a spirit of some kind.

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  1. About 10 years ago I took a psychic class for a work shop, that night when I went to sleep and trying to wake in the morning I felt someone on top on me like someone had their knees on top of my legs and had my arms pinned down above my head, I couldn’t move and I cursed out and said get off me, slowly I was able to move, I said to myself I guess I was dreaming, then I noticed I had 2 red bruise marks on both of my legs, now I know there was proof that it was no dream and some kind of spirit was on top of me, I spoke to my friend psychic and she said whenever you do a class that I was supposed to shut the doors from spirits coming in to my side of the world , after that I stayed away from that , and 10 years later Now , same thing happened, I awoken from a nightmare and I actually saw a white spirit come out of my body after being paralyzed after awakening , but no bruises this time.

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