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Who was the strange little girl was dressed in blue?

From: Breanna

My Story:Well this incident happened awhile ago, probably when I was 13(Im 20 now). Anyways I was taking a shower downstairs and I had just put shampoo in my hair. You know how you get that funny feeling like hurry up and rinse your hair get your eyes back open! Lol…my back was facing the shower door which is clear and blurry. As I opened my eyes i just had this urge to turn around. So im looking through the door because its clear also blurry but I can still see through it, and I see a little girl. She was really small and had long black hair and wore all blue . As i was staring at her for a quick second i also noticed she had no eyes, no lips, no nose, just an empty face. Soo creepy. Now I have gone through this many times thinking it over, was it my towel hanging up, or did my younger sister sneak in and try to scare me? But its a small bathroom and the door is extremely squeaky so i would have heard her sneak in. Also my towel was brown and the strange little girl was dressed in blue. So as soon as i seen the little girl i closed my eyes and took a deep breath and opened the shower door with my eyes still closed. I was so afraid to open them. I opened them and nothing was there…I ran out with shampoo still in my hair. I screamed for my mom and told her what happened and she did not believe me . My younger sister however did. Its been so long i think to myself, did that really happen..and every now and then my sister will mention”remember when you ran out of the shower but naked cause you saw a ghost .” It all sounds crazy. Not too long after i had seen that ghost or whatever it was younger sister and I were sleeping in the same room and I remember her trying to wake me up in the middle of the night. That morning as soon as I woke up she proceeded to tell me how she saw this little girl with a rather abnormally large mouth with pointy teeth, smiling at her. I felt bad for not waking up .Since then nothing strange has happened.

Updated: November 13, 2013 — 8:03 pm

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  1. That child you saw was a demon or evil spirit. Usually these type of children demons are out to harm or even kill. You are quite lucky that the little girl is gone.

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