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Was the shadow behind the curtain calling my name my dad

From: Tracie Moore

My Story: About 6 years ago, my oldest sister (Carol), showed up at my house late one night & needed a ride to our mom’s. It was so late, we didn’t call Mama to tell her we were coming. Carol was hoping to slip in without waking her. When we got there, my sis couldn’t find her key so we had to knock on the door. I had knocked several times when I saw a shadow behind the curtain on the door. I just thought it was my mom standing at the door, probably half asleep wondering who was knocking so late. When the door didn’t open, I yelled “Mom its me, open the door”. Then I heard a man’s voice say “It’s Tracie”. The voice didn’t sound human and I was so shocked I didnt say anything. Carol heard the voice too and asked me who it was. I said I didnt know. My mom lives alone & had been single since my dad passed in 1998. The shadow behind the curtain was there maybe 2 minutes. We stood outside about 10 more minutes when my mom had pulled in the driveway. She wasnt even home, had been out with her best friend. There was no tv or radio on inside the house…even if there had been, the voice said my name. It wasnt a normal human voice either. I could hear static in the voice & it sounded like it was being said in slow motion. When we all went inside, we told Mama what happened. Her reply was that it was my dad. She said she had seen him walk past her bathroom early one morning & had been dreaming about him a lot. Still to this day, I’m shocked. None of it makes sense. Hearing a voice say my name, seeing the shadow move as if it was trying to look thru the window at me. My sis was so freaked out, she wouldn’t stay at mom’s. She wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. But for some reason, I was scared. Normally, anything paranormal would have scared the crap out of me. Since that day, I’ve been waiting & wanting it to happen again. I wish I had done more than stand there quietly, in shock. I wish I would’ve asked questions or got more than “its Tracie” from that voice. And even more, I wonder if it was my dad.

Updated: November 20, 2013 — 8:00 pm

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  1. very likely was Dad:) Blessed Be

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