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Strange events at our mansion in Chandler Arizona

From: Roseia Anderson

My Story: I live in this huge mansion in Chandler, Arizona. I have lived here ever since I was born. I had a lot of events happen at my house, but none of them were demonic or dangerous. It seems like the “ghost” is actually friendly. And VERY clumsy.

Here is a list of events that happened.

(1) This really freaked me out. I think I was about 10 that time. Everyone was in bed. I was thirsty, so I started going down the stairs to get a drink of water. I tripped and I tumbled down the stairs, so I though I was going to get a hard landing. But I felt someone catch me. I had my eyes closed, so I couldn’t see who. I was too freaked out to even open them. I felt them carry me bridal style, then place me gently down on the floor at the bottom on the stairs. When I finally opened my eyes, I heard running footsteps in the living room.

(2) My older sister, Gretchen, was doing something in her bedroom. I was in the living room with my younger sister, Odessa, my older brother, Jackson, and my other brother, Nathan. My mom and dad were in the kitchen. My dad was reading the newspaper on the countertop, and my mom was cooking lunch. We were busy, until we heard Gretchen scream. We all rushed upstairs and into Gretchen’s room. We all saw her in the corner, obviously terrified. We asked her what happened, and she said that she saw a person stand at her door, but it was not facing her. She stayed with us downstairs all day after that.

(3) This happened when we called in a paranormal investigation team. They were having an EVP session, and everyone was in there except for Jackson, Odessa, and my mom. The investigator asked, “Give us a sign that you’re here.” After that we heard a crash. We checked the recorder and we heard the same crash, but someone said the words, “Oops. Sorry.” Creepy, huh? It was a male voice, and it had a hint if friendliness to it, according to the investigator.

That’s all I can type for now, my fingers are sore from typing up a 5 page essay.

Updated: November 24, 2013 — 8:12 pm

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