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What were the dark little figures I saw running up and down our roof

From: Justin Pallett

My Story: Guess it started when i was about 6 years old ( I’m now 39) it wasn’t long after my parents would put me to bed that a man would appear . A tall man with blond hair , just standing there at the end of my room looking at me & i know this sounds funny but it looked like he was going through my clothes . I could see him pulling them out of the cupboard & looking at them .
I told my Dad what i was seeing at night & he laughed although that night when he got home from work he had got me a torch . That night when he appeared i was to afraid to turn it on .
Things started to change after that , my Dad started finding me outside the house at night . I don’t know how i was getting out or did my Dad . He would find me just standing there looking up at the trees . Apart from only one night i can’t remember anything apart from my Dad picking my Dad up & chastising me for getting again . The only night i can remember was me once again standing out side in the night , i was standing down the side of the house looking up at the roof . There where children up there laughing & playing , small dark little figures where running up & down our roof giggling as they went . They weren’t calling for me although i felt drawn to them , running down the side of the house trying to keep up with them .
Although it happen many years ago l can still remember it as clear as it was yesterday . This is the first time i have ever brought it up , it plays on my mind that other people may have had a similar experience . I would welcome any reply .

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  1. Justin,
    I was most interested to read your account as a similar situtuation occured with my husband many years ago. This was when he was around 3-4 years of age and his parents used to find him out in the garden at night with no idea how he had got there. At 3 years of age there was no way he could have reached the latch on the door to open it. John always told his mother that he went out to play with his “friends” and that they would appear at his bedroom window and beckon him, (he slept in an upstairs bedroom with his sister at that time) he had no idea how he got outside but can remember standing in a circle joining hands with these friends” and walking round in a circle like the game of “ring a roses” The encounters were always preceded by him seeing coloured lights on the bedroom ceiling rotating in a circular motion. Strangely although his sister slept in the same room she had no recollection of anything out of the ordinary happening but does remember her brother being told off for being out in the garden at night !!
    When I first heard this account from my husband it was many years after we were married, and I persuaded him to undergo hypnosis which he eventually did. I sat in on the session and it was fascinating as my husband went back to the age of 4 years old and could recall linking hands with these small beings who were around the same height as himself at that time, he remembered that they had 4 fingers and no thumb, he was so pleased to recall what had happened, no fear at all, just happy to be with them again. The hypnotist, who was not a believer in anything paranormal did say that my husband was recalling a real event as he saw it at that time, and admitted he was puzzled !
    Not exactly the same as your story but certainly some simlilarities
    wouldn’t you agree ?

  2. well its not normal for a little kid to find someone at the end of the bed
    going through your clothes let alone you standing outside the house watching
    little kids playing on the roof and you were drawn towards. this certainly sounds obsecure

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