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The radio was dangling in mid air by it’s cord

From: Carrie

My Story: I stumbled upon this site and thought it contained very interesting reads. I’ve decided to submit my own personal experience. One of many.

I work at a place of history, there fore there is a lot of spiritual activity that happens here. We hear a lot and see a lot. however one experience sticks out in my mind as being very weird.

I work in the gift shop of our centre, and one wintery day. (It’s a lot quieter in the winter time) I was sitting quietly doing a little bit of beadwork. for several minutes I noticed a very soft squeaky sound, to me it sounded like a mouse chewing on something like metal. I got up to investigate, but the moment I turned around, the squeaking stopped. I went to look around the little metal filing cabinet behind me, but didn’t see anything or hear anything. After a short investigation, I sat back down and continued to bead. Again I heard a funny sound from behind me, shortly after I had returned to beading. Once again I got up and this time I opened the bottom drawer of the cabinet in the hopes that the noise with deter the mouse from continuing it’s daily annoyance. All was quiet and so I returned to my beading. After getting comfortable in my seat not a minute later the sound started up again. This time I got a little flustered, I got up, of course the sound stopped when I rose out of my seat. I kicked at the wall and shushed the mouse. Hoping it hearing a human voice would scare it away. I stood for a moment, nothing. So I returned to my beading. The sound started up again. This time I had given up my little battle with the annoying mouse. For about five minutes I listened to this strange chewing squeaky noise, only to suddenly hear a loud crash behind me. When I turned and looked, the large radio I had sitting on the cabinet was dangling by the cord in mid air. The antana was extended it’s entire length and it was swinging. I stared at it in complete awe, I’m sure my eyes were as big as saucers. My co worker heard the noise thinking it was me making a rukus. She laughed and said. “What did you do?” Only turning to find me in a complete daze. I looked at her with my mouth ajar and pointed to the radio. “That radio just fell by itself.” She looked at me with big eyes and came to see, we both stared at the radio for several moments before we both stepped close to put it back on top of the cabinet.

To this day I think about that experience. I think that the noise that I was listening to, that squeaking sound, was the sound of the radio slowly being dragged across the top of the metal cabnet. it was a fairly heavy radio too, it was probably about 5 lbs. We tried to make it fall off buy opening and closing the cabnet, moving it back and forth, doing our own little debunking experiments, but for that radio to move the distance it had too, which was no more than a foot, was probably close to impossible. I don’t know, you tell me.

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