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Is this presence in my house a danger to me and my family

From: Samantha

My Story: I have lived in my current house my entire life. My parents built it over old strawberry fields. When I was younger (3-5) I would spend most of my time at my grandmother’s house because my house scared me. (I would still see/hear things from her house but I’ve realized that this happened wherever I went and still does to this day) Anyways, some things that have happened in my house are:
1) When I was 7, I was in my bedroom at the end of the hallway upstairs trying to go to sleep. My entire family was downstairs and since I was afraid to sleep, my mom left the hallway light on. My bed faced the doorway that way I could see down the hall, and I remember seeing a large shadow walking toward my room. I felt sick upon seeing it and felt very, very unsafe. This was the first time I saw what I call The Shadow Man.
2) The bedroom in my downstairs (directly underneath my bedroom) is a spare bedroom. I do not like to go anywhere near that room because I always feel threatened or like I’m being watched. One of the only times I’ve ever been in that room, I was sitting at the dresser that has 3 mirrors attached to it doing my makeup when the mirrors started to violently swing back and forth until I backed away from it. My 2 friends were in the room at the time. Any guest that we have that sleeps in the room tells us that they feel watched or intimidated.
3) Everyone in my family constantly hears voices (I hear a man or sometimes a little girl, my family usually just hear whispers that are unrecognizable.) Footsteps are always heard by everyone in my house, going up and down the stairs or up and down the hallway at least once a day.
4) Other times I have seen the shadow have been in the downstairs bedroom, the hallway multiple times, the upstairs bathroom, the laundry room in my basement, my bedroom multiple times. The most terrifying experience I’ve had with it was once I was sitting on the floor with my 3 friends in the downstairs just talking and eating pizza, when I was pushed down (until I was laying flat on the ground) and I felt the pressure of a body laying on me, trying to crush me. I could see that it was the shadow man because over top of me the air seemed darker and more fuzzy plus the outline of of a man, but as soon as I started screaming I started to feel as if I was also being choked. After about 30 seconds of not being able to break free, the pressure was lifted off me and I ran upstairs. This happened about 4 months ago. My 11 year old brother is starting to see the shadow now as well.
Two months ago a paranormal team came into my house, but never did an actual investigation. I have always known that something is in my house, and also no matter where I go I can see/hear things that others can’t. I find it difficult to focus when having a conversation with someone because I always see spirits or negative energy (Im not very sure how to explain what I see when I speak to people, other than if it does not feel evil I see a person with them, but if it feels threatening I see black figures/shadows that make me sick but I cannot make out any features) I find it difficult to explain this to people without having them judge me or think I’m doing it for attention because of the age I am. (Im 15) I don’t feel as if when I try to explain them, they do not take me seriously.
Lately I have been waking up from terrible nightmares or because I feel like someone is in my bedroom watching me and I wake up feeling sick. Every time I feel the presence of the shadow, I feel physically ill.
I just need some advice as to what I should do about this, like if I should contact another paranormal investigation team, or if I should be worried about whatever that’s in my house actually being a danger to me and my family. I would also appreciate if someone has experienced the same things as me or can tell me why I always see good & bad energy around people no matter who it is.
I’m not really sure what else to do but like I said, if anyone could give me advice or opinions or anything at all, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You said that over four months ago that The Shadow Man attacked you. I think that at the moment he could be a danger to you, but now that your brother can see it I’d be careful. Do you ever feel angry when in contact with the shadow? Maybe he doesn’t like it that you can see him. I’ve known shadows to not like being seen. I think that clairvoyance and your third eye may be factors in why you can always see good and bad energy around people. One thing that I can tell you from my experiences (which some aren’t too far off from yours), is to protect yourself. Imagine a white light surrounding your entire body(or your brother’s or another loved one’s) and for added affect you can say something like, “May God’s white light protect me/him/her/name of person or pet.” It may not work all the time, but don’t worry, I’m sure your Spirit Guides will eventually help you out.
    I’m not sure if having Paranormal Investigators come back to your house is such a good idea. Not all of them do a good job and usually everyone in the house has to voice some kind of experience they had, but that also depends on their qualifications.
    If I were you I’d tell your brother to not show a lot of fear (you should do this as well). Shadows and entities tend to feed off of any negative energy and attention, which makes them stronger. Note, sometimes ignoring them will make them angrier but most of the time things settle down a bit.
    That’s all I can say for now. I hope this helps.

  2. Please Samantha,

    Call a priest and explain what is happening. I am not an expert, nor a very religious person. But I believe in God, and maybe a priest could help. I am a 28-year old man, and if half of that happened to me, I would be out of that house in a heartbeat. But I feel that you unfortunately don’t have that option.

    A priest will come to your house and bless it, my parents did that when I was younger when we moved to a new house. I hope that he can help with this.

    This will sound crazy, but as I am writing this, I am feeling something uncomfortable in my own house, noises, feelings. I’ve never felt this way here, I have nothing but good energy here, this is my childhood home that was left to me.

    So because of what I feel in my own house while writing this, I do not fear that I am crazy or wrong. Please just call your local religious institution (whoever that may be, I don’t believe that catholicism is the only answer) and talk to them. They won’t discount you like you think they might.

    You have a lot of life ahead of you Samantha, don’t give up.

  3. Hi Samantha,

    I’m not a paranormal investigator or a medium or anything of that sort. I just wanted to tell you that feeling sick to your stomach is a normal feeling when encountering a powerful spirit. Spirits, Good or bad have very high levels of energy. This is why they are detectable in heat based cameras. Feeling afraid is quite normal, and your gut is trying to tell you something. I would advise you not to try to communicate with this spirit. Instead seek outside assistance. If there is a medium in your area that is a good start. I hope you find the help you need. And most of all try to stay strong.

  4. That is a fascinating paranormal encounter, although not a nice one. Apart from moving out, I would suggest focusing on love and trying to pray for the spirit. Talking to it might work as well – try to be compassionate and not give into fear, but express love for whatever entity this may be. I encourage you and all people with real paranormal experiences to submit them to my website: You just have to fill out a survey. I’m trying to collect accounts for research purposes. Thanks.

  5. Usually I keep myself to myself and don’t like to share anything about around on these sights but the reason I look here is I’m seeing things too. I’m 14 and your age I found strange as you have seen and felt alot more than most people but on my mums side there has been a sort of link with these things (she calls it a gift) I guess it is but I told her about some things I been seeing and feeling, she had said she had felt them too and talked to me for a while about them. But one thing she had made clear was that it was fine and good to live in harmony with these things but if you ever felt threatened or scared by these then it was not right and could be very dangerous. This is a poltergeist from the sounds of it there’s a difference between a shadow, ghost, spirit and poltergeist. The lady outside my kitchen window is a shadow; she flits and its a repeating pattern that you will just see her, she is white and I feel a fairly good energy. I believe she comes to walk around my garden down a pathway. But poltergeist’s are what I fear most. Not to say they are all bad but what a poltergeist does is it is able to interact with the physical world around them. Such as moving objects or touching people, what makes me so weary of them is they are like that I believe because they just have so much unreleased energy and power, and most stronger energy of things, mostly stems from anger. It sounds like the poltergeist in your house is a molevolent dark energy judging from the colour and way others and you feel around it, as well as the obvious attempt to cause you pain and anxiety. I advise you to contact somebody because no good will come from this. People may think I’m crazy but I’m saying this because this probably won’t just go away and if it can make you feel like this and it is starting to affect your brother, my guess is that things will only start to become worse. But understand that what you have is a gift, sometimes you get dark spirits but this is just a sign that your mind is open to all things, I garuntee you some people could be in that downstairs bedroom and not feel a damn thing. That probably sounds appealing to you, but neither could they see the ecoes of another life beautifully captured. Please don’t leave this though, I would hate for you to get hurt

  6. Oh my gosh…I overheard a woman in a restaraunt talk about a night where she felt what she belueved to be a ghost sitting on her. Exactly what you described.

  7. Please, please, PLEASE seek help immediately. This spirit could be demonic, which means YES it is a danger to you, your family or anyone who enters your house. You do have a gift, however, this gift is a blessing and a curse. Your mind is extremely open, which means you have to be extremely cautious. Give this same advice to your brother, as he is starting to see the figure as well. Please contact a paranormal team, as well as a priest. You need all the help you can get, as things will only get worse. I recommend burning sage and reading from the bible as well. I am not extremely religious, but in a dire situation such as yours, as I said before, you need all the help you can get. Do NOT attempt to use a Ouija Board, do NOT attempt to provoke the spirit. Please tell this to your family, as you are all in danger. Please, seek help. I would hate for you or your family and friends to get hurt.

  8. Hey, I’m here to talk if you need it, I have a similar thing happen to me, accept.. well I’ll tell you over email, I’m 13,, please contact me so we can talk.

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