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How do I get rid of the entity before it gets stronger?

From: Whitley Belcourt,

My Story: My name is Whitley Belcourt, I have a little sister who is 7 years old. She wakes up every single night, she has never slept a full night her whole life. Trinity, my sister, she passed away when she was a baby and was brought back by the fire department. She had a seizure and left us, but the fire department saved her. I strongly believe in spirits, and if there isn’t a spirit after my sister, or she can leave her body spiritually when she sleeps. Unfortunately I have nothing to prove this, because I refuse to put cameras up and even talk about those possibilities in the house, in fear the problem will get worse. I moved out of my moms house and still my mother is telling me that she strongly feels like something is in the house with them. When my mother was a child my grand mother had to call a priest because a black male shadow hovered over my mothers bed and that was the worse it had gotten, so my gram finally called someone for help. The priest blessed that house and apparently Mother Mary appeared to my grandmother that same night and told her that it was okay, that the spirit left. I fear that it did not leave, that it continued to follow my mother. And now it doesn’t want her. I feel it wants my sister, she is pure and she will forever be in-tuned with the spiritual void because of her passing. I feel my family has the sense to be able to tell him there is an entity in the house.
The first experiences were at our old house, my sisters were about 2 and 1. Trinity being the one year old. Some thing was wrong with that house, I became really depressed and started lashing out. I was in such a bad depression I would inflict pain to myself, without completely realizing it. While the depression was happening to me, Trinity would wake up screaming, her eyes staring into the corner of the room but up in the ceiling. Her face was so red she was terrified, this went of for weeks until we finally let her sleep in my other sister, Geonna’s room. ( Geonna being 2 years old ) Then it started happening to both of them. My mom, my stepfather and I would wake up to them screaming and crying almost every night. It was scary because we could see what they could see. They would point to the ceiling and scream and cry, they wouldn’t stop unless they were in the living room and in our arms. The living room to them and to me felt the safest, for some reason. Until one day they were crying and screaming what I held Geonna on the couch and my mom held Trinity, the entity the saw, must of starting coming out into the living room, they no longer felt safe any where in the house. I was outside one day and my mom got locked into her room when no one was there, there was no way my sisters could reach the lock. It was too high. The lock was a hook lock, and some how she couldn’t get out. When they started crying my mom began to panic and looked around her room for something that would fit between the door so she could get out. She found a butter knife and got out, but no one was there, my mom was terrified. The experiences were getting worse not only was it scaring my sisters but it was locking doors and moving things around the house. But the worst was Trinity ended up on the other side of our porch when there was no way she could climb over or get through the bars of the porch. Then she ended up outside the window. My mom couldn’t take it any more so we moved.
Now Trinity is 7 and Geonna is 8, they still sleep in the same room. I can not ask Trinity about ghost or anything it will scare her, but I have asked Geonna if Trin can see things that we can’t and she said she doesn’t know, but what she did know is that Trinity continues to have a dream where the windows start cracking and a black figure with big round black eyes come through the window and she feels it’s going to get her. They Have NOT watched any scary movies. But a friend of my moms who studied witch craft, gave my mom a pink crystal to put above my sisters bed, and recently my grandmother was talking to a women about Trinity and she gave my grand mother a white beaded blessed bracelet that Trinity has to wear at night time. My sister is 7 years old, I need help my mom is scared of whatever this thing is and I’m not, I don’t care what I have to or what I have to give up to get this thing away from my sister, it is seriously effecting her. She can’t sleep, so she’s tired and grumpy at school, she feels like someone is always after her so she can’t handle when she is in trouble, and her feeling so alone can push her closer to this thing. Trinity has started waking up and doing really weird things, recently she woke up and was walking back and forth on the head boards of her and Geonnas bed, right next to the window. My mother found her like this and she said when she found Trin like that she looked at mom and gave her that look like she was gonna attempt to jump out the window, so my mother grabbed her. My step father refuses to believe there is something among them.
My mother has not talked to any one about this, the older Trinity gets the worse the odd experiences get. Please if there is any information you can give me to help her, I will forever be in your debt. I lost her once and I will not let something take her away again, especially a vessel hungry demon. I don’t want to take matters into my own hands, I am not trained or experienced in this type of thing to get rid of it. But if I have to take it into myself so she will be saved I will. I’m 20, Trinity is 7, her life just begun. Please any information would be great, even if you could refer me to some one else, I don’t know, I just know something needs to be done before the entity gets stronger.

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  1. Hello, have you tried an exorcism?
    Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus
    omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio
    infernalis adversarii, omnis legio,
    omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.
    Ergo draco maledicte [*a]
    et omnis legio diabolica
    adjuramus te.
    Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire
    te rogamus, audi nos.

    Also, you could try cleansing spells, lighting a smudge stick or putting charms and sigils around your house.

  2. Have you ever thought of hangin crosses in her room. Demons don’t like crosses so if it’s a demon it might somehow affect it. If you hang crosse all over the house the demon might turn them over. So if they’re turned over you know its a demon. If they’re not than I’d bless the house and your sister if I were you.

  3. Riyan Littlefield

    I would hesitate to suggest a layperson take on a full-blown exorcism, especially if things have not truly escalated to that stage. What I would recommend are things like what the above commenter suggested: various methods of purification. One of the most effective I have found is using incense in a blessing. Light incense and carry it with you through the household, yard, etc. and pray that the spirit of God will fill your home and your lives as the smoke is filling it now.

    Additional useful tools, even just for peace of mind, are things like St. George’s medals or St. Christopher medals. Much of this, however, hinges on actually activating an existing belief system. In order to properly request God’s assistance, one would have to actively believe in God. The best defense you can set up for yourself won’t be through rituals or recipes but through active faith in a higher power that will protect you.

    While I would normally also point out that it’s responsible to test for any sort of mental or behavioral anomalies, that doesn’t seem to be the case here since another relative of equivalent age shared in the experiences to a degree as well.

    Be careful, pray diligently, and while being firm enough to attempt to tell spirits to leave, be cautious not to goad them into increasing the conflict.

  4. Yeah, try exercising the house or her! 4 all we know she could have a demon attached to her, so please get a pastor or preacher.

  5. You need to when it happens put your hands up to the wall and whisper “stop” It will.

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