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Aroused by a creature I could not see

From: Nyckita

Message Body: I am not someone who turns to the internet for information like this. I’m not a person who shares stories like this, but I need someone to tell me that they have had an experience like this. I was sexually assaulted by something last night. I don’t know what it was but I do know this, I have had a lot of experience in my short 23 years with spirits and spiritual entities and what I experienced last night was not a spirit. I was laying in my bed meditating (as I do every night before bed). As I lay there I felt something caressing my body. Whatever it was touched me in all the right places and in just the right way. I was in complete ecstasy for a good long while. I had no control, I was just spell bound. I actually enjoyed it (which by the way disgusts me)! Eventually my mind broke through the spell and I decided that whatever was going on needed to stop. Only I couldn’t stop what was happening and the more I fought mentally, the harder it was to make the feelings go away. I had to physically “push” this thing off of me. It was very odd, I couldn’t see the thing other then the actual pleasure it was giving me, but I knew where its chest (if it even had a chest) should have been. I put my hands in that area and physically pushed them upward toward the ceiling. I felt nothing when I did this, but the sexual sensation did immediately stop. I have never had an encounter like this before and I am bothered by the fact that a creature I can not see was able to arouse me in such a way. There are only a hand full of people who know how to touch me in such a way. Does anyone have any idea what this could have been?

Updated: January 17, 2014 — 6:00 pm


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  1. You have experienced demonic incubi /succubi demon. seek Jesus for help. You have sinned and opened a door to it. You need to repent and it will leave you.

  2. Yeh or just enjoy it. Then read Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion.

  3. You didn’t sin and ask for this to happen any more than the “virgin mary” sinned to get knocked up. Whoever said that “worship jesus” b.s. is brainwashed and simple minded. You may be tinkering with forces far beyond you though, keep that in mind. Do not summon demons and spirits you can’t control. That would be ANY of them. Don’t play with occult stuff.
    Point is it seems to be an incubus, unless you are a male. Then it would be succubus. This is not just a spiritual entity, but a real entity that does not manifest quite physically on our plane. It could be demonic or something else entirely. Cleanse your space and protect it with reiki and you will not have this happen again. You may have inadvertently invited a twisted entity into your space, and you can choose to banish it as well.

    Worst case scenario: my guess is you’ve been playing with oija boards. Bad idea.

    1. Hey dum ass yes she did. So you believe in forces beyond you but you dont believe that God reached out to man. Hmmn. How can 500 people have the same illusion that Christ rose and came into there homes and walked the streets with them after he was pronounced dead on the cross. Let me guess your gona say aliens. Wake up people its not about religion/ritual. Things that were written 900 years ago are happening today!

  4. I have had similar experiences, but when I start to realize that something is definitely wrong with the experience it turns a bit violent and pins me down. It stopped eventually when I chose not to think about it or if I sleep with a light on.

  5. i have also had this happen to me but with my abilities when i opened them up i found that it was one of my recently deceased (at that time) ex girlfriends who just didn’t realise that she had passed on.
    i was able to control the situation and enjoyed it at the same time, not just for the actions but also because i was able to help her properly realise that she had passed away which helped her to move on.

    my case was a good one but for a great many individuals they are dealing with forces which can very quickly get out of hand.

    the other entities commonly refered to as incubi /succubi demon’s actually arouse a person either through fear and or pleasure so they can then feed off of the persons life force, if this continues for a period of time the person could end up perishing due to lack of energy. those demon’s are not to be trifled with, they are dangerous and unless you can protect yourself by projecting a repulsive energy field like i can you must at all cost seek appropriate help before things get out of hand.

    there are a few people with gifts who can actually absorb them and trap them in a type of defacto prison but doing this is not without risk.

  6. How to stop this is put a drawing of a cross on your wall or somewhere it CANT reflect in a mirror. It repels the unholy but it will not stop the experiences. But it will make them good spirits that enter your room.

  7. I had a similar experience once and it was truly horrifying. I found out due to my sister (who is very interested in supernatural entities) that it was an inccubus. At first I thought it would go away if I ignored it but it kept coming back so I had to eventually get help from a local priest (despite not being religious). He was able to help me and just to be on the safe side I started going to church in order to keep it away. I suggest you do the same.

  8. Jesus is the only way for freedom.

    My friend demons are real. I know others have gone through this. Come to Jesus it’s the only way to be saved. These spirits my seem okay for awhile but after a while they will start to destroy you.

  9. *looks at a few of these with side-eye* From my point of view, the indication of an incubus/succubus situation is highly plausible, or a ghost/spirit acting similarly. I have a few secular ideas for you: Salt. Salt works for most spirits. Line the salt all around your bed solidly. Another is cleansing the room using saltwater and a cleansing herb such as sage or sandalwood. Then research. From my own experiences, wearing things of religious value (if you honestly *believe* – that is key) or I wear various types of stones for different things – jet or obsidian is good for unwanted energies/forces. I hope this sincerely helps; if not, seek a spiritual person to assist. Good luck!

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