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Is there a ghost in my stairs?

From: Anonymous

My Story: Ghost in the stairs..?
My mom used to be so afraid of our stairs in our apartment. We often hear sounds like someone is running down. And my mom told me that she stood near the stairs and was talking to her boyfriend. And she hear the sound of someone running down the stairs. And she got this feeling that someone went through her. She says that its the strangest feeling she has ever had, and cant explain it. But after that day the noise in the stairs stopped. But my moms friends dog always stares at the stair when they are here. And our dog have started to do that to. And he is acting so weird. He’s not barking or anything. He’s just staring. And I’m starting to get scared of the living room and the stairs. The kitchen is the only room I dont feel watched. But the room I feel most watched in is my bed room. But only at the end were my door is. It always feels like someone is standing there and looking at me. Always.. even now, when I’m writing. this.

Updated: January 19, 2014 — 4:42 pm

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