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A security guard’s strange experiences on a graveyard shift in Los Angeles

From: Danny C

My Story: As a security guard working graveyard shift alone can be kinda lonely and eerie. This one night about 7 years ago i was doing night shift at a warehouse in Los Angeles. I was right outside a small guard shack near the entrance to the property.I was writing somewhat demonic rap lyrics ,while an instrumental beat that i had made, played in the in the background. It had to be around 2-3 a.m, when I heard noises coming from inside the guard shack. I stood up and stepped into the shack when i noticed the buttons from the work lan line phone go haywire. The lights on the buttons streaked side to side, which i never seen happen before. and when i looked next to the phone, a hard hat which lay upside down,all of a sudden spun about three times.There was no wind that night or anyone there with me. till this day i can’t explain what happened that night but i was bad i wanted to drive off and go home.

Updated: January 21, 2014 — 7:02 pm

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