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It felt as if I was floating in euphoric water

From: Lindsey McGregor

My Story:About two years ago I awoke to blue. It seemed as if I wore blue sun glasses. There was a blue filter that covered everything. At first I thought I was dreaming. So I did something I have never done in a dream, I attempted to establish whether I was dreaming. I looked all around me. My clock, which read 7:15, I could see my windows, it was bright, I looked at my closet, my hands, my room was indeed reality. All the observations were done in an attempt to realize if I was dreaming. And I can say without a doubt I was not. Besides the blue filter, there was a feeling of euphoria. My whole body was tingling and I felt an immense rush. I could feel and see static electricity. It felt like water. Like a current running through everything. I looked at my boyfriend and remember seeing his hair. I was floating as if in water, I could see the static electricity flowing through his hair. The whole experience is very difficult to explain. It felt as if I was floating in euphoric water, but it was actually currents of electricity. I know this was not a dream. I have never looked around to establish if I was dreaming in a dream. And I know the difference. I am a fair minded person and believe it is possible that this was some sort of chemical reaction or biological accident which resulted in this beautiful experience. However it felt like something. I am desperate to know if someone out there has experienced something like this, and would like to share with me. I hope one day I can understand better what happened.

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  1. I’ve had a similar experience in which I woke up one morning and it looked as if I had blue tinted sunglasses on and felt like I was not quite under water but perhaps under a substance that had more of a rubbing alcohol consistency. Also, my vision isn’t normally that great (especially just waking up) but I somehow, for the duration of this experience, was able to see things with a disturbingly laser-like focus. I could see the individual motes of dust in the air, the way each sunbeam coming through my blinds reflected off a mirror I had close to me creating colorful prisms etc. It was crazy and I promptly freaked out and called a friend who just laughed at me but by that time whatever was going on had just faded away. It didn’t just turn off like a light switch, it faded and everything bled back to its normal coloring. I know that I wasn’t dreaming as I distinctly remember the sensation of the morning Sun hitting the back of my eyelids and waking up immediately out of a deep sleep (which is unusual for me) so I’m not sure what happened… misfired synapses, perhaps? The remnants of a dream? Who knows, but it was definitely cool and I am so glad someone had a similar happening. Hopefully that means that I’m not crazy or at least not the only crazy person out there ^-^

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