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Can anyone explain my paranormal experiences?

From: Oriana

My Story: Can anyone explain this? When i was around 5 on a visit my grans house i went in the front room to play. My gran kept this room for best and i went in look at photo albums etc. I felt strange and looked up to find what i can only describe as things spinning around me very quickly. The same happened at home in the best room. The bathroom at home was also a strange place. I would go in there as quickly as possible. One night i was in bed and i had an old organ which filled with air before it could be played. The organ turned itself on and i could hear the air fill it. On a couple of occasions in different houses shoes moved in front of me and a radio turned on. A plug fell out of its socket. Sometimes when on bed i feel that if i turn over there will be someone there so i don’t turn over!

Updated: January 27, 2014 — 7:44 pm

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  1. I need help too..alot of un explain me stuff is happening to me as well…i am reply worried abt it bt no one understands nw i am kinda glad tht i am not alone

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