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Paranormal activity in Australia

From: Georgia

My Story: Hi there!

I wouldn’t normally do this, but I’ve recently been feeling extremely uncomfortable in my own home which I’ve just moved into, I have had these feelings in the past as well.

The first paranormal thing I experienced was when I lived in an old police house in a small town between 2003 and 2011. A police officer in the late 1800’s died in one of the rooms and my sisters and I would smell cigar smoke, hear floorboards creak down the hallway and footsteps at night when everyone was in bed. At times, I also saw flashes of what I presumed to be that police officer. This all predominantly occurred during the winter months, around the time he died. He never harmed us, attempted to harm us or scare us in any way! Even when I was home alone and saw or heard him, there was no fear in it.

I thought nothing of these events as I thought it was a “cool story” to tell my friends. However, when I moved to Sydney in late 2011, I was living in a room on a military base, for the first few months everything was fine, then I started getting bad feelings in that room as if someone was watching me, walking down the hallway to the shower area I felt as though I was being followed and kept looking behind myself. I couldn’t be in the room by myself because I was scared of whatever I felt was watching me. Earlier this year, I was asleep in this same room, and felt someone tapping my shoulder gently in an attempt to wake me, I rolled away from it, half asleep. And that was when I heard my name whispered in my ear and my hair was tugged lightly in another attempt to wake me. When I eventually tried to wake up, the room was pitch black (regardless of the blind being open and the city lights that usually lit up the room were gone) and I couldn’t move for a brief few seconds as if I was pinned down to my bed. It took a few hours after that to fall asleep again.. When I woke up the next morning, I found scratches on my stomach, more than a few that were enough to leave a bump but not enough to draw blood. I woke up with scratches a few more times after that but I’d never experienced that middle of the night wake up again.

A few months ago I moved into a new house in Canberra, it was fine for a few weeks, until I started feeling like someone was watching me, a few times I’ve heard something upstairs that taps and sometimes turns into footsteps. I also see dark shadows. I live by myself and to be honest it’s scaring the heck out of me. I’ve also woken up with scratches, but on my back this time. I only notice them when my back stings in the shower.

Is it possible something is following me? Or am I just imagining things and its all in my head? I believe in spirits and hauntings and such, is my belief that they exist getting in the way of logical thinking..

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  1. It is possible that you yourself may be haunted. Are you a religious person? You need to speak with a priest as soon as possible. If you have a Bible read it and pray. I recommend a home cleansing and possibly an exorcism. Have you had a psychic reading done before?

  2. scary stuff with the voices. i´ve had 2 very/second to nothing, small experiences with seing a ghostly figure in my room. it has happened with atleast 2-3 years in between actually. i sense somethings presence, turn to the door. manly figure has his back turned to me and walks through the door as if it wasnt there. opening my door and searching the house after the first time i found my parents asleep. but its the same thing that´s happened twice now. im coming to think that he maybe lived in this apartment before us, and that he is manifesting himself at his last seconds alive, perhaps by a hearth-attack. its hard to make out how he looks or anything,its like 1½ seconds i get to see him when he shows. but i think its an annual thing that i only noticed a few times.

    IM NO EXPERT yet interest in the paranormal has always been there.

    There are psychics/mediums known to contact spirits, that claim that an entity can attach itself to a person or a persons belongings. HOWEVER, in theory i believe there is a demonic force following you.

    i´ve been reading whatever people have put together and (on others claims ) whenever the entity is giving you scratches or physical harm, its a demonic entity. also if it knows something about you, for example your name, a family members name etc. its also said to be demonic.

    that being said, if it was a ghost it would haunt only one house or one area of the house. but since it has followed you when you´ve been moving around multiple times. it could very well be something that belongs to you a demon has attached itself to. furniture, jewelry or maybe even a piece of clothes.

    do you have any family members/friends who´ve passed and left something for you? maybe thats the occasion. im no expert.

    reading others stories on theese subjects: many people turn to their religion for help. christians, catholics go see a priest and seek his guidance. muslims go to their imam, jews go to their rabbi. in case you are atheist, locate a medium and ask her/him to cleanse your house and see if it helps.

    i know i cant help, but sharing some “knowlegde” is as good as helping i think.. but when it comes to the paranormal. you can never know for sure. but since its been giving you scratches, i would definetely try to get rid of it

  3. Hey hi!!!! What ur experiencing is really sad…can totally understand it! IV alhumdulillah not been harmed but have experienced….and I feel u shouLd DEF take help!!such signs r of smthing Wich will b hard to leAve u… act quick on it…PLzz pray wtever religion ur of!n always maintain positivity around u n y dnt u get a company to b with?being alone usually invites mishAps….good luck

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