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A strange sink incident in the old hospital bathroom

From: Adam

My Story:, so my story is just simple nothing really scary or whatever it’s just kind of an interesting thing that happened to me the other day. I work at a hospital as a cleaner (yeah you’d expect me to be one of those “Oh wow, he’s probably one of those guys works a lot of night shifts and has seen some shit”, no. This is my third or forth month working this job, I work mostly day shifts and rarely work evening shifts.

One day I was doing my cleaning run around the old part of the hospital. The area I was in used to be an area of the hospital that was established as nursing school in 1883. This part of the hospital was really old, the walls were brick, they still had a lot of the old beds as displays and there’s old pictures of doctors and stuff like that, so it had a really eerie feeling to it.

I’ve been through this old side of the hospital many times and never seen or heard of anything. That being said, this one day I was cleaning, I had just got into the ladies bathroom, and normally when you do a bathroom you bring your cart and stick it into the door way (to make it so people cant really get in while you’re cleaning). So I brought it in with me and started cleaning. I don’t know what it was, but when I in there I felt a little weird, I just brushed it off as nothing and kept doing my thing. When I got to the bathroom stalls and went inside them to change toilet paper, I heard the sink turn on and off suddenly.. Instinctively, I Turned and went outside the stall and looked; No one there… I kinda expected that if it ‘was’ a person that they had just ran outside in a hurry.. but I remembered that like all bathrooms.. I put my cart in the doorway. Bewildered and baffled, I looked in the sink, surely enough there was water in it. No, the water wasn’t there before I started cleaning because when I was cleaning the bathroom. The first thing you clean IS the sink, and I had already wiped and dried that sink.

Immediately, I thought “this isn’t normal” and honestly I didn’t stick around.

Well that’s it, that’s my story, like I said, not scary, not that “big” in terms of other stories, but.. Interesting. I’m glad to have experienced it. Thanks for your time!

Updated: February 1, 2014 — 8:20 pm

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