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What is this darkness deep in me?

From: Melanie

My Story: Hi guys. This might be a rather long story, but I will try to keep it as brief as possible (I ramble, so bear with me). Almost a year ago, a friend of a friend introduced to me the concept of Chi. I would like to point out first that I’m fairly certain he was highly misinformed about many things, so I will try to leave out a lot of what he said, and focus on what I felt. Anyways, the conversation about Chi led to other topics, one of which he eventually revealed that he had a demon. The way he explained it was in our sanctuaries (he called them dream planes), some people had doors that could be opened if we were ready for it, and while it could have anything behind it, his was a demon. That night, I went to bed, and tried to enter his “dream plane” as he called it. I don’t think I fell asleep, I remember being aware of what happened around me physically, as my boyfriend at the time moved around occasionally. But the only thing I really remember about whatever meditative trance of sorts I had slipped into was some creature was in front of me, and it had a black mask with strange markings. And I had a mask as well. Rather, I was sort of growing one. The next thing I remember, I gathered some kind of ball of pure black energy into my hand, intending to destroy this mask, when someone grabbed my arm and told me not to, the mask shattered, and then I sort of woke up. Whoever that person was, I don’t know. I didn’t see what they looked like. The next day, or perhaps a few days later, I was doing something, and got the very sudden mental image of a white wolf chained up with gold chains, one eye red and one eye black. I told the friend about it, and the dream, and he said he knew, and that my own door had become partially unlocked during the dream. The next month or so was honestly very strange. It was a gradual change at first. (Please be warned, this is really going to sound like a fiction book.) As corny and stereotypical as it sounds, this wolf would sort of “talk” to me, and it would try and break the door down. One day I couldn’t sit still and went for a walk. At night. In this city I live in. And I just sort of knew I would be able to handle whoever tried to mess with me. My instincts were growing stronger. Anyways, this wolf really made a good effort at breaking out of the chains and my guides, a wolf (no irony there) and an owl and a snow leopard sort of rushed at the door and disappeared, but the wolf was now calmer. But I could no longer feel my guides. Now, onto the really crazy parts. Like I said, my instincts were becoming sharper. I could see better, and hear better, and my sense of smell was becoming stronger. I started to want to run at night a lot more. Kind of in woods. There were some trails outside of the city that said friend brought me to and honestly, running in the woods is the most free I have ever felt in my whole life. I loved it. I could let my instincts fly free, and fly they did. One of our friends who knew about this stuff tried to go with us once, but they could not see in the dark, or keep up with us. We only went out a few times, but it was pure freedom. It seemed like minutes, but we would literally be out there all night. During the month or so that followed the first dream, I started dreaming about the door, always running up stairs, trying to open it, but the stairs were never ending. The tension from this wolf being always locked up was beginning to make me miserable, so one day I sat down and my friend walked me through the process of fully opening this door. When I did, and I opened my eyes, it was like the world had changed somehow. I can’t describe it. Things looked the same, but didn’t. I could go on about the numerous experiences I had with this wolf and the few months I had with it. For one, I started to develop clairvoyance, and started “seeing” in my mind’s eye all sorts of not so lovely things, and feel all sorts of things when they got close to me. One time I turned around and in the doorway was a creepy girl with long dark hair in a white dress. While I did not see her with my actual eyes, the effect was the same. The girl continued to scare the crap out of me for a while, until the problem was taken care of. I also, as completely shameful as it is to admit this, developed a craving for blood. My friend one day ripped his lip ring out and was bleeding all over and I couldn’t stand to be in the same room, it felt like I had something stuck in my throat and my teeth hurt terribly. More than that, I longed for the blood. If I were to keep going on about all of the stuff that happened around me during the four or so months that I had this wolf…thing, I would be here all night. So, I will end it with this: I contacted a friend of mine who knew more about this stuff after I became exhausted from this ordeal. I was told, naturally, to banish this, in my friend’s opinion, demon. I slowly came to realize that my friend was right, and was finally able to get rid of the wolf. My guides came back to me, but it has really changed me. Looking back on it, some of the things the demon wolf thing wanted just makes me more convinced it really was a demon. However, my guide one day said something curious to me. She said along the lines of how once, I was a very bad creature for a very long time, and I sort of caught an image of myself, and I don’t want to draw conclusions that I was a demon, but I really don’t know what else to say that was. It was kind of implied. Anyways, my guide said that having a life like that and, in her words, “dancing with darkness” for so long, has had a huge impact on my lives. “The fact that you had a demon this life doesn’t help you much, either,” she also said to me. One day, I felt like I was under a psychic attack and called for my guides, but I used different names. I don’t even remember what I said, I forgot as soon as I said it, but my wolf guide, Zephyr, looked at me and said, “You remember us?” and when I asked what she meant, she did not elaborate, but I could tell she was hiding something. I later learned that I was a sort of guardian once, not quite a guide, and she showed me another image of myself, and I was rather surprised to learn that I do in the astral world shift into that form on occasion, usually if fighting something off. Most of what I do is pure instinct. I don’t know how to do it, and then all of a sudden I know, and know well (in the astral world). It’s always been like that for me. However, I have really felt like there is something missing. I’ve felt that I’m being slowed down by this body I have, that I was supposed to be something else. I can FEEL something, some kind of darkness, deep in me, that has always been there. Part of me wants to claim it. Part of me wants to know what it is first. I suppose the main purpose of me writing this is to ask: does ANYBODY know what is going on with me? I do not want people to read this and tell me I am lying and imagining it. I tell myself that all the time, but that doesn’t mean everything I have typed is not true. I tried to tell myself after I banished the demon that I had an elaborate dream and imagined it. That I made it up. But I am lying to myself like that. So please, don’t tell me what I’ve already told myself for months. Thank you. I just want to know…

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  1. Melanie,

    Finally! I found your story and am really glad you contacted me. However, I wasn’t sure what to expect for the lack of detail in your e-mail. Nonetheless, I’ve read your story and have great news.

    First of all, you can relax. Meditation, considering this newly found side of yourself is based off of energy, you’re going to want to remain as neutral as possible with your own energy. Choose any method that works for you, a method you can easily adapt to as a daily routine.

    As for the “demon” in your dreams… First of all, dreams are projected images of any “hidden” knowledge of ourselves and everything around us. We dream to keep our brain active so we can continue to breathe in our sleep, keep our bodies functioning. Even if you don’t remember having a dream, you had one.

    Secondly, wolves are very divine creatures and can be considered creatures of the night. It’s no surprise that you would subconsciously start acting as a wolf; running through the woods at night, I’m sure it almost felt like the MOON admires YOU, or you were at least one with the night and everything in it. Which is actually more okay than you think – running to leads to a healthier lifestyle and, like wolves, your instincts guide you to survive. Everybody has these instincts, you’re just starting to become more aware of yourself and life itself.

    The blood thirst? I honestly can’t explain that one to you… However, that’s apparently not as uncommon as you think (news to me, too). Occasionally, while making love, my fiancee will drink from neck. Call us crazt but, we honestly believe he’s a vampire. Not like what vampires are portrayed as in the media but, as seductive, passionate, psychic, blood-sucking fiends that we know and love in the media, without the stereotypes. Articles and witnessea can swear vampires exist but, do they ever tell you if it was during day or night, if there was a cross or not. Who cares? They’re still technically human but, unlike “vampires,” they have a pulse. With that being said, let me remind you of the old days when Wiccans were “burned at the stake” for practicing magic. Why not burn a vampire, too, for being a parasite? It’s no surprise that the image has been twisted and modified over the years to fit modern day fads.

    As for my boyfriend drinking my blood, (this is for your comfort) no biting or anything like that, he just does as if he’s leaving a hickey but, painlessly (actually kind of passionate at the same time…) sucks on my neck hard enough to draw blood theough the surface. Granted, this isn’t an uncommon talent but, to enjoy it, and to be able to proudly spit mouthfuls of another’s blood is, as I said, something I can’t explain.

    The dialogue, on the other hand, is more simple than you think. Somewhere along the path, whether it be a particular event or an entire time period, you were leading a negative lifestyle. By that, you could have been emotionally distraught and not soing anything about it or screwing everything that moves, just to regret it later – it wasn’t good for YOU and it changed you.

    Your friend introduced you to another aspect of life, which can be either a gift or a curse; it’s all in how you, as the psychic, perceive the images. It’ll take time to get used to, believe me but, it can be a very useful talent. Everyone, however, is capable of these so-called powers, to be honest. Surely, they’re not all the same but, everyone has the potential.

    I say this because, a very trusted friend and associate is taking a pychology course in college and, I’ve taken a personal interest in the subject. Somewhere down the line, we were talking about the paranormal world and he had mentioned a gland (I can never remember the name of) often, usually by psychics, referred to as the third eye. That gland reaches to the back of your cranium and connects to your subconscious. When that gland is open, you’re able to see things that aren’t obvious to most people, you start to feel things nobody else can feel. Some people, however unfortunate, don’t have the mental capacity to handle such a talent. The ones who can’t handle it are usually the people who end up being the ones to self-destruct; whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally.

    Remember to remain calm, and don’t forget who you are. Such a talent is easy to misinterpret. After all, practice makes perfect, right? Also, for the record, this is mainly facts tied into a theory I’m working on, “Mind Over Matter; Psychiatrics versus Psychosis.” All of which is based off of my factial knowledge, as well as my personal experiences.

    I hope this has helped in some way! If you need any more help, or have a question, feel free to e-mail me again. Blessed be, Melanie, and be well. (:

  2. Also, never forget that everything happens for a reason. Whether that reason be scientific, psychological, or spiritual – it’s a reason. As a psychic, you have to ask yourself if that knowledge is reason enough to accept whatever it may be, forgive whoever was involved, never forget what happened because you might need the reference later; and, most of all, be happy.

  3. Christian Hechavarria

    My story is crazier lol I know youre not lying b/c Im a hypersensitive to paranormal activity and Ive been living this way 21 years. Ive developed and grown my powers but I do have a demon also, and he tries to hold me back nd ruin me. His name is freddy oh man hes evil. anyways, develop ur gift. email me im goin to bed il teach u how

    PS stay away from drugs and alcohol they’l open the door right up for ur demon to grab u. have a lot of sex and exercise so ure drained at night and rest . be active, and seek God for he’s LITERALLY inside of u

  4. hi,
    firstly, you mentioned things ¨changing but staying the same¨ i think i may know what you mean bt would need more detail first. i have always been able to look at a place and see it differently if that makes sense, without anything actualy changing, although if we are talking about the same thing i sure you know how difficult it is to descrie in words. i always thought this was just normal, but people have become verry conused when i try to explain and the only person who i know with it other than my dad. i never wondered if it had a spiritual origin. anyways, i suspect you are being contacted from spiritual beings from the lowest astral plane, from what i know, this is where the spirit goes after death, and it can progress to higher better planes by spirital deveopment there or in this life. the lowest plane is what is refered to in religious texts like the bible as ¨hell¨ from what i belive. i would NOT advise having anyything to do with beings from this world, as many are deceptive with only bad interests in mind. i cant force my opinion on you but i would advise taking no notice of people on here telling to do otherwise, especialy those saying ¨lots of sex¨ will help. it wont. i wish you the best, and i apologise for any spelling mistakes! Btw im mike a 15 yr old from the UK, hope that doent make you less likley to take me seriously though haha. hope i may have helped!

  5. Thanks guys. Become the town whore, check. I’ll get right on that…anyways, thank you Heather and thank you Mike.

  6. Hello, first of all let me inform you that my email address is expired and I have yet to update it so if you were to try and reach me via email it would be a waste of time…You’re story is very interesting indeed, I too have had paranormal encounters that led me to believe that maybe I was suffering from a mental illness of some kind.I can assure you that that is not the case the things I have seen are very real and other worldly there’s no doubt about it in my mind.I talked to a woman who writes books on the subject and she reffered to what I was going through as some form of dream state…can’t say that I was dreaming when the things that happened occurred as a matter of fact I know I was awake.I cannot explain what I went through it almost felt as if I was possessed.Its a long story I will share it with you if you like…you can send me a friend request on Facebook if you like just look for Dylan Lee.Look forward to hearing from you.

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