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Somethings been after me my whole life

From: Ryan Barnett

My Story: I have had more than a few paranormal experiences happen to me in my lifetime. My mother says its because my family have a particular connection to other-worldly things. I’m 31 now but when I was 17 I experienced something so intense, so unexplainable to me that it will shock you. I was never very popular with girls or friends in general growing up. Not that there was anything wrong with me but just that I never fit in very well. Anyways, I started using the internet to meet girls-I know, so goofy but I was lonely and just wanted to experience love. Obviously looking in wrong places. I met a Beautiful girl. Cant remember her name. We met up at my house (still living with parents). After a few hours she discovered that I wasn’t partying or doing all the things normal teenagers were doing at that age. She said (you’re not my type). And wanted me to take her home but it was to far to drive. An hour later she was gone via another (Guy)friend. I was rejected again. I had already had my heart broke many times in life and thought I was unlovable. My father was really hard on me growing up. I was super-depressed. I had contemplated suicide before but that had put me over the edge. I waited till my parents were in bed and brothers were to, before loading my rifle. I had been crying for a while. I was so scared because I had been raised with god all my life and knew I was destroying everything. I put the barrel in my mouth and asked god for help to stop. I couldn’t squeeze the trigger. To afraid and too scared. Now I was even more depressed. I calmed down and stopped crying, kicked my shoes off took off my pants, turned out the lights and got under the covers. I laid in my bed completely aware and my mind racing on what had just happen. My door was open, a hall light casted a dim bluish-white hue onto the front of it. I was happy to be alive but still stressed. Just then I heard footsteps of someone walking in my house. It wasn’t a very big house and anyone moving in the next room could’ve been heard rustling about. But it was more like the sounds of someone dragging there feet across carpet. This went one for several minutes. I sat up in side my bed and listened intently. Finally it stopped. I laid back down and about a minute later my father walked into my room. At least I thought it was him.
I could see his outline, his shape-but didn’t see his face. He just stood there for a good couple of minutes. I kinda smiled in the dark knowing my dad couldn’t see it and said “Dad”. He didn’t budge, never said anything, just continued to stand there. It was weird of course. I said “Dad” again. nothing. I got a little nervous. It looked like him but didn’t feel like his presence. I felt a strange feeling in my room and scanned the dark with my eyes. Everything seemed eerie all of a sudden. As I turned to view the right side of my bedroom (still laying down) my head stopped. There was this figure standing next to me. It knelt beside me and brought its face close to mine. I couldn’t turn all the way to view it. I couldn’t see its face, just an outline of one. No hair, no distinguishing features but there it was, right next to me. My right hand was sticking out of the covers and gently it took my hand and gripped it with a sense of security. I said (what’s going on)? The figure spoke but I couldn’t hear its voice. It didn’t have the voice of man or woman. I could hear the words in my head. Its said to me “Don’t be afraid, this will be over soon enough”. I asked in return “What will be over soon enough”?
I turned back to the doorway and my father was gone, the room began to darken. I felt dread everywhere. I tried to sit up but something held me down. As I continued to try and sit up I felt this searing pain start to engulf the back of my neck. It felt like fingernails gripping me and the more I tried to sit up the more it gripped. It was becoming excruciating. I tried to scream and I could feel air flowing outward but no sound. It was like my vocal chords gone. I remember starting to panic and cry intensely. I kept trying to sit up when all of a sudden the pain eased slightly and I heard this growl. Like no growl I had ever heard before. It kept getting louder and louder. Like a Beast from the scariest movie you would ever see. This horrendous growl turned to a long drawn-out screech. I can only describe it as a mountain-lion and a bear mixed together. I was fighting to sit up and continued to keep trying to scream. All the while this thing next to me was still holding my hand. I cried out to GOD, screaming his name to help me, over and over again. Tears were pouring everywhere. I kept fighting and fighting and screamed one last time, suddenly everything let go and my voice shot out in the middle of gods name. I stared frantically everywhere and quickly leapt to the end of my bed flipping on my bedroom light. still crying, I was to afraid to get out of bed. About a minute later my dad peered into my room, seeing me cry. He asked me if I was alright. He saw the genuine fear in my eyes a heard it in my voice. I told him what happened. He listened intently and hugged me. All he could say was to pray and sleep with my bible-which I did. I even left the lights on that whole night. It took me years to tell that story to only those I trusted and I still get teary eyed when I do. That’s not the only experience I’ve had but one of the scariest. What do you think?

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  1. Christian Hechavarria

    We’re hyper sensitives to paranormal. Im 21 born in Miami. Would see white and dark spirts as a kid, grew out of that. We’re constantly surrounded by angels and demons, theyre everywhere. Satan wanted u to kill urself, people like us feel much more we’re emotional and having racing thoughts. passionate, and just so genuine, but we can be just as bad as good. satan wants us more then others b/c god blessed us with this gift of knowing whats truly going on. and that is, spiritual war, which will end when Jesus returns soon enough, but the war is on going with humans cuz 98 percent of people dnt truly believe in God. to cut my story short, we have a gift. we can strenghten it. I’ve got mad deja vu,several times. numbers have meanings at certain times of the day il look at the clock its 111 or 333 or 1111 those r sacred Gods strenghten those who knows number. email me we’ll talk Btw i tried killing myself too b/c i was sooooo emotional and sensitive i couldnt deal with life. but that emotional has to be used for good, and that good is serving and giving others. email me

  2. You experienced a demon. I’m sorry u had to go through that. I’m glad you e still here and able to tell your story. Stay close to God my friend.

  3. I had a similar exprience. When I was a kid about 8 years of age. The house this happened in is now gone. But I woke up one night my fam was still sleeping in Small house on the reservation in sask canada ..two bed room.. But I woke up and I was thirsty. So I walked out me n my younger bros room to the kitchen. And I Saw what I thought was my mom in a pink robe standing at the kitchen Sink. Which has a window. Andi Ask’d Mom can you get me water? No response. I ask’d twice.. I got a weird feeling and this thing turned arnd and came towards me. Quick creepy like. And I stood frozen. I could see it in front of me. No Face. Just pale. With shoulder lenth hair. It moved 2me. I had to make myself fall back. Able to run back to my room. Jumped in the bed hugging my younger brothers. Until I fell asleep.. Just wanted to share that with you after reading ur Story. Take care God Bless

  4. you have mentioned something had held you in your bed so you could not move,even my dad once revealed me he had a similiar experience,all im saying is that you are not the only one who had experienced such things,you are not alone and people have similar experiences.there is such things as positive energy and negative energy .the more happy and positive you are the negative energy is unconfortable in your frequency ,so try not to be worried and work on positive side of your life.try to be positive and you will have a happy life.i think you were so depressed that eventually led you to think of commiting suicide and thats why you have attracted that negative energy

  5. 2 things
    1: That girl in the beginning who blew I off is a freaking buka. And I hope she grows ol- nicely.
    2: I’m sorry u had that experence…I bet that was scary…and I’m also sorry how u never had any friends, almost like me. I seriously have only 1 best friend who I don’t even know if I can trust, but idk.
    And i hope ur okay. I wish u luck

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