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A face with sad eyes appeared on my TV

From: Tracy Canter

My Story: I was laying down on the living couch it was just me I had the lights dim it was peaceful I was relaxed all of a sudden I heard the bedroom window it sounded like slid open I laid very still then I sat straight up an looked behind me I had this terrible fear come over I knew Something was looking an standing right in front of me but i couldn’t see it . I held my breath an didn’t move it seemed like forever i finally felt like it was gone i took a breath i was super worn out i looked around felt it was gone so i laid back down my tv was in front of me it wasn’t on when all of a sudden lines started appearing in black an white till it formed a persons hair an face the pupils were dark an i was able to see the white around them it was sad the eyes looked up an side by side like it was lost all of a sudden i felt its sadness it made me feel i creed an cried for something i didnt understand when it decided to go just as the lines appeared they disappeared little at a time till it was gone. Story by Tracy Canter all true thank u

Updated: February 19, 2014 — 6:18 pm

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