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Did I communicate with my grandpa through Netflix

From: Micaela

My Story : I was layng in bed watching Netflix. I had been watching Long Island Medium earlier and she talked about her journey opening up to spirits. In my head, I though about whether I could be open to this ever. I was considering clearing my mind sometime and trying to communicate with my grandpa who passed 5 months ago.
As I layed in my bed, it was almost one am, I told myself and kind of jokingly told my grandpa, that if one am came and I was still watching to shut it off. A little while later my screen just went black. I’ve had Netflix fail many times and ways but never like this.
I smiled at the coincedence, closed my laptop screen, and rolled over to go to sleep. Quickly, I looked up to see the time. One am. Ok, strange coincedence. Haha. Right?
I had a thought flash across my mind about how much my grandpa loved dogs. I have a 9 month old golden retriever who never ever barks except for one quick warning bark if he gets scared. Right then in the dark on the floor he started barking this fearful high pitched series of scream like barks. I wasn’t even thinking I was so shocked and scared and ran to flip of the lights. He was standing scared in the middle of the room wining.

Who knows what happened, but I have never experienced or felt any way close to this experience, and my dog had never done anything like the before or since

Updated: April 1, 2014 — 7:36 pm

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  1. I am truly jealous of your experience. My Baba (Ukrainian Grandma) has been sick a long time now, she is 91 years old. I have contemplated to myself on so many occasions, to ask her, “If at all possible, please come back and give me a sign if you can” But I don’t want to come across as delirious. I hope, and hope and hope, that I can have an experience such as yours someday. Because I truly believe it was your grandfather.

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