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Was my dream a paranormal vision or coincidence

From: Donna Lang

My Story:I’m an intelligent woman, 28, married, mom of a 9-year-old daughter, outgoing, responsible, competent, considered very attractive. I rarely have bad dreams but last Friday morning I awoke from a disturbing dream in which I was trapped in a room of some kind and couldn’t get out. After a short bit I put it out of my mind, had breakfast with my husband and daughter, saw them off for work and school and went for my morning jog. When I returned I walked in on a couple, man and woman, burglarizing our house. I was overpowered, terrified and shaking. They had a roll of duct tape, taped my mouth, taped my arms behind my back, taped my legs and left me in a closet. After I was sure they had gone I began squirming furiously, but could not get at all loose and was unable to stand (they had taped my wrists and ankles together). With no way to get out of that closet and hop or crawl for help I realized I might remain bound up for hours until my daughter returned from school. The struggling had worn me out and as I sat exhausted, scared, angry, upset I recalled my dream. Had it been some sort of vision? I became even more frightened and tried desperately to break the tape around my wrists but was unsuccessful. I had never before thought about the paranormal but as I sat in that dark closet I became consumed by such thoughts. Common sense told me it was nonsense but I did have the dream and I was now bound and gagged in a room with no way out. I tried to sleep thinking I would wake up and find it was all another dream but I couldn’t even doze off. Hours passed, at times I yanked and struggled furiously, then, exhausted, rested. All the while I was being consumed by thoughts of the paranormal and I convinced myself that breaking free would once and for all end such thoughts. But I couldn’t get even slightly loose and pretty much gave up. I didn’t want my daughter to find me bound and helpless like this but there was no alternative. After almost seven hours I heard the front door open and began “mmphing” as loud as I could. My daughter and a friend of hers called out and quickly found me. The two of them managed to lift me out of the closet into the light and then pull and cut most of the tape off me. I was able to get the last strands unwound from my legs which made me feel at least slightly useful. My daughter reacted to this situation in a very concerned and caring way. She has been very affectionate since.
A week has now passed, I fall asleep at night fearing another premonition. but I have had no more paranormal visions and am unable to conclude whether my dream of a week ago was coincidence or otherwise.

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  1. I think it was a premonition sorry for you

  2. It is real in the spiritual realm but it’s the devil- satan who give u those fearful and frightening vision. God has given u power, resist the devil and he will Flee from u use this name “Jesus Christ” there is power in this name and the devil is afraid of this name.

  3. In my long life (I’m 61 years old) I had many of paranormal experiences and I look foreword to find someone who can give me explanation for that or someone who have same experiences as Me – for you my answer is that you are special gifted person and is no sch thinks like DEVIL!!

  4. Hi Donna, I call what you had a prophetic dream. I get them all the time (well not every day but I’ve had a lot) sometimes I get them and it’s just little things like normal day stuff but it happens exactly as it did in my dream normaly my dreams are abstract nonsense but you can tell the prophetic dreams as they feel real anyways I don’t want to ramble but I’ve had a few of these dreams were not so good stuff happened and then they came true similar to your situation but I’ve fond now that they can help. For example I had one of these prophetic dreams were I got into a car crash that I most likely would have died in it was very detailed a red Chevy pickup truck was in front of me and we were bolth driving down hill on a windy road well in the dream his tire blew out and he loses control I swerve to avoid side swiping him
    but end up going off a cliff. Two days after that dream I was on the same road driving to see my dad down in the valley and low an behold I see a red Chevy pickup in front of me once i got a horrible sense of déjàvu and kept I a good length back from the truck…… His tire blew out but I was far enough back I just turned my hazards on and slowed down (not much room there to pull over and he was partially in the other lane) lucky him a car wasn’t coming the other way he managed to limp down the hill a little further to a spot you can pull off the road I helped him put on a spare and no harm done. My point is you shouldn’t be freaked out and if the “devil” sends me these dreams I’d thank him because they’ve helps me a lot.

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