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I can feel it’s presence when it’s around, light on or off

From: Becca

My Story: I’ll give you a little family history first. My grandfather was psychic, which was passed on to my mother. I’m not sure about his other seven kids but I think it runs further into my family’s history. My brother is the same, and so am I. I have three older siblings, but we are the only ones affected by it. (my brother and I) He is much more attached to the spiritual world than I am. He sees and experiences a lot more. I’ve always had “bad feelings” about things, dreams that often came true, things like that; but recently I’ve been feeling a deeper connection with one particular “spirit.” I’m not sure what shadow people are, or what their intentions may be, but I hope to find out soon.
My first encounter was a few years ago. Me and my sister used to share a room, my bed was pushed up against the wall near our door. It was about a foot off the ground. My sister’s bed was located directly across from mine against the opposite wall. We had a small room, so a twin bed and a queen sized bed took up a good amount. Anyways, I was laying in my bed about to fall asleep. It was around 9-10 o’clock at nighttime. It was fairly dark in our room, barely lit, but you could still see the outline of objects. Just as I was about to pass out, I had this strange feeling as if someone or something was watching me. I was laying on my side, facing the wall. I tried to ignore it but I just could not for the life of me fall asleep. I turned over and noticed this black shadow on the wall near our television. Which was located at the end of my sister’s bed, sitting on a end table. We had one window in our room which was on the wall beside her bed. It moved up the wall to the top of the window, across the top and down the other side to her bed. As it reached her bed, it moved across it and sat up on the edge. By the time it sat up, it was no longer just a blob, it morphed into the outline of a human. It didn’t have a face, eyes, anything. It was just a black shadow. All of this happened within the matter of 20 seconds. I had never experienced anything like this so I was pretty weirded out. I turned on my lamp and looked back at where the shadow once sat. Of course, it was gone. I slept with my tv on that night. I didn’t have anymore encounters after then until recently.
One night about three weeks ago I was laying in bed and once again had the feeling as if something was watching me. The only light in my room came from my power strip at the end of my bed. (Tiny red light when it’s cut on) My bed lays on the floor, so it’s fairly close to the ground. I look around my room and spot yet again, a “shadow person.” It paced my room, but not for long because I turned my lamp on. I shook it off and went back to sleep. Well a few days later, it happened again. Most people say they see them in the corner of their eye, then it’s gone. Not this one, it makes itself very known to me. I can feel it’s presence when it’s around, light on or off. I started dating my current boyfriend almost two months ago. He is also connected with spirits. He cannot see them but he feels their presence and has a strong connection with them mentally and spiritually. Last night he was here and said he could feel a presence. He said it wasn’t threatening. All the lights were off but I don’t think the shadow wanted to make itself known at this time. Shortly after we were in my room, I started to feel very anxious and nervous. It’s usually how I feel before I encounter the shadow. I stood up and observed my room. Above my daughter’s crib was a smaller shadow, but there were tiny orbs mixed in with it. I’ve never seen orbs in my room before, but it was odd. They didn’t stay long, then they disappeared. I told my boyfriend to look but he said he had a weird feeling and wanted to leave my room. Along with the feeling I get, something always happens to my vision. The other night, I had my eyes closed but I could see orange shadow-like blobs. I rubbed my eyes and opened them but it only made it worse. It took up most of my vision. I looked at my phone and they were gone. I turned it back off and let my eyes adjust to the darkness and there it was, at the end of my bed. The next night, even though my eyes were closed, I could still see everything. As if they were open. I would open them, then close them but nothing changed. Without even looking for him, I turned on my lamp knowing he was with me. I can handle his presence, but last night before I laid down for bed I had this thought; “If you can hear this, then make yourself known in my dreams. I just want to know why you’re here and I want to know what your intentions are.” About ten minutes later I went to sleep. I had a random, unimportant dream, but I woke up from it and was still dreaming. In this new dream, I was laying in my bed and it was dark. I seen the shadow figure and realized I didn’t have light in my room like I normally do. I was petrified, so I reached up to turn my lamp on. It wouldn’t turn on. So I grabbed my phone and turned it on, it was very dim and I could barley see anything on the screen. Shortly after that I woke up for real. Everything seemed so realistic in my dream though. My daughter was beside me (she just turned 4 months old) she kept moving as if she wasn’t comfortable. Which is normal for her, but I turned over realizing she was finally asleep. I then felt something pat me on my upper leg. I ignore it thinking it was possibly my daughter just kicking me but then I realized… She couldn’t reach my leg if she was even awake to do so. I turn back over and she’s knocked out. I have no explanation on what it could have been. After I woke up, I felt very cold. It wasn’t until after I left my room, I was warm again. About twenty minutes later when I came back, it wasn’t cold anymore. It was only that short amount of time where it was freezing. I have ruled out everything possible, except the “shadow person.” I’ve never heard stories of these things being able to physically touch us. It’s odd how this happened right after the dream I had about him. I now sleep with a light on. Just to feel safe I guess. If I didn’t, then I would be able to see him every night. I’m still pretty freaked out about it, but I try to stay calm. It only happens in my room, which is the same room I was in when it first happened a few years ago. Everywhere else in the house is usually lit up when I’m there. That might be why. But at the beginning of me typing this story, I heard footsteps coming from my living room. I thought to myself “It’s probably just Chris.” (My other brother.) but it was only a couple steps. About two minutes later I heard it again. Our living room/kitchen is completely pitch dark. I turn the flash light on that’s on my phone and go to the living room. My brother is asleep on the couch just as he has been for the last hour. Same position and everything. If it was him, he wouldn’t have had time to lay back down considering I got up pretty fast after the second time hearing it. We have dogs, but they both were asleep on our other couch. I’m trying to piece all of this together. My boyfriend seems to think that whatever it is, it’s attached to me.

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  1. Shadow people. There are a few videos on youtube about it and people talking about their experiences with them. It would definitely be a good idea to check them out. I personally haven’t had any experiences with ‘shadow people’ but i know that much.

  2. Hai Becca. I am pretty sure I know exactly what this is. You need to be open minded though. This isn’t a good thing and isn’t your friend. I have experience similar things to you with multiple presences and they do not belong in our world and do what they do on purpose for many reasons. They will not benefit you even if you or they think they can. The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family is to IGNORE them and shut them out anyway you can. If they/it is trying to get your attention in another room, close the door and show you do not want it around. They do not belong in this world. I believe what these are, are called Jinns. Religions such as Christianity and Islam can help you understand how to stop these things. Even though I myself am not religious, religion plays an important part at keeping these things at bay. And so does the true undeniable TRUE real belief in God. If you have that, these things will leave you alone. I used to play Islamic Sourates as loud as I could for a few hours to make these things go away and it works. If you research more about Jinns you’ll see how other peoples stories about shadows (normally very tall, they impact dreams, how you feel and can even affect your breathing) compare to yours. You’re welcome to ask me anything about my experiences, but the faith in God really helped me live a life without them and they were a bigger part of my life than I originally realized. I hope my advice has helped and good luck.

  3. If this person makes you uncomfortable, it’s time to tell him to move and and stop bothering you. I think that sometimes sprits with good intentions don’t realize that they are being inappropriate and scary. The shadow man seems to be patrolling and monitoring you, maybe for nice reasons, maybe not based on your uneasy feelings when he’s there. Either way, tell him he has his own place to be, and not to bother you or your baby. Be strong about it, and mean it. It’s like being a school Mom telling the defiant kids to behave and to do right.

  4. I seen pretty much the same thing. My husband has seen too. First time I seen it was when I was fourteen it was a tall showdown figure that looked like it had some sort of top hat on and a long coat and it was the blackest darkest thing I’ve ever seen. Off and on since then I’ve seen it and it always brings a feeling of dread now I’m 26 years old it had never touched me til I had my daughter and it would just pull my hand or foot just light touches.I started ignoring it the best I could coz I could tell when it was around without even looking. Then one night me and my husband was laying in bed it was around three in the morning my husband gets jerked out of bed he said he looked up and seen this big tall shadow guy that looked to have a top hat and long coat on black as can be reaching down towards him in the floor then before he knew it he said me the dog and all the covers and pillows on the bed get jerked off in the floor on top of him! I jumped up and crawled across the bed and turned the light on and it was all over. His grandma comes in the room just a second later asking what’s going on she said we both was screaming and we didn’t even know we was screaming! Needless to say it took us a while to get calmed back down enough to go back to sleep. And I never shook so bad from fear in my entire life.

  5. I’m very familiar. More than 10 years, I’ve been dealing with this.
    Yes, they can touch you (and you feel it).
    They can also physically move you.
    But the most interesting part is that, they can also speak (and you’ll hear it).
    Unfortunately, you can not force them to soeak or answer your questions. They just do it when they want to.

    Fear is normal, because it’s weird.
    Do you ever feel (or hear) a rush of wind?

    Despite the stuff you might hear from religious types, these things won’t (or can’t) hurt you. I know, because I waited patiently to find out.
    If you want to learn more about it, don’t do anything that will terminate the experience, remain calm and try not to resist or move (that can scare it away). You can think your questions, by refrain from speach. You can also test the awarness of it by making small movements that it should not be able to see (e.g. Make a subtle gesture with one if your hands beneath the blanket). In my experience, it will respond to these things.

    The trick is to establish a dialogue, and establish trust by not showing fear or hostility.

    All shadow people are not alike. You should consider them as individuals.

  6. Oh wow that’s really scary! Try to search for some help or I don’t know but that spirit doesn’t sound nice.

  7. if they are trying to communicate with you in any way possible or interact with you, it is not a shadow person. and i don’t believe the cold is a good thing…

  8. Don’t trust shadow beings. According to prophets in my town the shadow men are going to release souls from hell when they feel humanity can no longer achieve. They are supposed to be the cause of the apocalypse! Don’t trust them! Use banishing rituals and whatever other methods to get rid of them!!!

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