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The Screaming Dead

From: Steve

My Story: This is my story and admittedly it’s not really a story more of a memory of something from my childhood. I hope someone has some idea of what I’m talking about and can relate. When I was very young, before starting school I lived out in the country with my family. I didn’t even remember this until my mom mentioned it to me a few years ago. I would put my ear to the ground, it didn’t matter if it was in the house, the front yard or middle of the field and I would sit there listening. One day my mom asked what I was listening to and I told her “I’m listening to the people screaming.” She told me to never do that again ever. I remember she looked really frightened. Eventually I forgot about it but now I wonder what I was hearing back then. I remember the voices, there were so many of them and I could tell that they were all in great pain but I wasn’t sure why. I just knew they were under the ground and that I could hear them. I hope someone can shed some light on this for me. I have other events from my childhood to relate, but at a later time.

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  1. Hey Steve,

    I can relate, I use to hear things when I was younger too and it was always voices of torment and pain. sometimes the sounds would be muffled and other times loud and clear. I remember I was in a my uncle’s house the day he past away and my mom was telling how I was frantically crying and covering my ears before everyone knew that he was dead. when I got older and asked her about it, she explained that children and animals have a better sense of supernatural phenomenons and the environment that surrounds them.

  2. Hearing screaming under ground sounds like hell to me!

  3. Hello Steve,

    Perhaps you heard screams from hell?

  4. Maybe God let you here what it would be like not to believe… I think you heard the eternal damnation of hell

  5. I agree that children often seem to be more susceptible to “events”. My own child had numerous events before he could talk (stating at about 9 months.and continuing until about age 3) st first they were horrible. By the time this stopped he was also having some positive experiences. I was terrified that he was schizophrenic, but then I began to have experiences myself. We moved and both of us had no more problems. Today my son is 14. He is over 6ft tall and weighs in at 165 lbs. He is also bright. But, his experiences were terrifying to the point that to this day he sleeps with his overhead light on, his closet light on w/for open and his bathroom light on w/door open.

    I have a strong faith in God. I am also a firm believer that Satan is master of a very crowded Hell. Demons love to be a menace to the weak. Maybe this is what was happening to you. However, I do not like to give Satan or his loser posey credit for anything.

    In our situation….Demons may have tormented my baby, but despite their efforts…in the end they only glorified God! Ha! You see, my child decided early in life that Satan…and in turn Hell, is very, VERY real and that he does not want to reside there. I truly pray that they did the same for you my friend. GOD’S Peace be with you always. <3

  6. Because you lived in the country, it was most likely train noises.

  7. You should look into the history of the property where this occurred. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on or near a burial ground.

  8. In (checks date) September of 1993, when my son was around two years of age, he awoke early one evening and refused to go back to sleep (it was that time of the evening when one does battle with small children over going to bed); finally he said he couldn’t sleep because of all the crying. We asked who was crying, and he said everyone, the ground was shaking and everything was falling down and everyone was crying. We found out the next morning that there had been a major earthquake in Latur, India, at approximately that time… we began paying closer attention to some of the things he occasionally said at random…

  9. I understand I hear them too all of their torment in my head and I say

  10. Well Steve, you were probably either hearing the dead groaning from hell, or the dead was trying to reach out to you so you could help them with something… i used to hear things too, well on occasion i still do, but not so much now as i did when i was a lot younger. Have you put your ear to the ground since then? you may have some sort of connection with the other side.

  11. That might be the creepiest thing I have ever heard! If my kid had said that to me, it would have SERIOUSLY freaked me out!

  12. Have you read about the swiss drilling a hole to hell? Its an old story but you can google it yourselves.

  13. Similar to these experiences, except not a fear based connection. The voices that spoke to me were what sounded like 20-50 soft spoken & whispering adults. They whispered my name, over & over, some really near & some sounded further away. Only my name was spoken (repeatedly). I experienced this several times as a child. They only spoke when I would lay on or near the same heater vent, which I remember as being a favorite spot where I laid in my parents Master bathroom to get warm. The whispers sounded like they were hovering near me. Some far & some closer to me. Not in the ground or vent.
    I’ve always thought of them as angels or relatives or some sort of spiritual group. I wish they would visit again. I also wonder if they still visit that same bathroom area in that house, or was it just me?

  14. Actually steve, what u have been hearing is the suffering of the dead. U r actually v lucky to hear all these stuff coz this is something only one in a thousands can experience.

  15. Actually steve, what u have been hearing is the suffering of the dead. U r actually v lucky to hear all these stuff coz this is something only one in a thousands can experience.

  16. Steve,

    This is a very interesting story, and I hope you will relate the others that you said were for “later”. There are 2 books you may find interesting… One is ” Heading Toward Omega ” by Dr Kenneth Ring ,about accounts of near death experiences, and the other is “Possessed” by Thomas B Allen, about the real incident that inspired the excorsist

  17. Hi Steve,

    Where were you living precisely at this time?

  18. Paranormal things,ghosts furniture moving even lights flickering could be well is from the devil that some people think doesnt exist..he does exist..i advise people to say this prayer..jesus save me from my sins amen be connected once again to God and even if you dont sense anything atleast if you’l be saved!

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