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Has anything seen the silhouette of a tall thin woman dancing provacatively

From: Jessica-Emily

My Story: It was the year 2000 and I was about 5 years old, when I was living in that house as a child I suffered from violent and severe night terrors. Nightmares for a child isn’t unusual but the nature of my nightmares really didn’t seem natural for a 5 year old, I would jump from the top of my bunk bed, I would slap and punch myself, I would run into walls – all of this to wake myself up because the nightmares were so ferocious. I would shout at my mum and tell her “You’re not my mummy!”, “Where’s my mummy?!” Etc. For such a young age, it was weird and scary that during these dreams I was semi conscious, and was able to do such violent things and shout at my mum like I didn’t know who she was.

My paranormal experience happened on one of the rare nights where I didn’t have a nightmare. I usually slept with my bedroom light dimmed so it was more like a night light. But on this occasion I woke up probably just after midnight and my bedroom light was as bright as it could be, I woke up wide awake feeling a little cold and leaned over the side of my bunk bed – just to rest my chin on the wood and see if the sun was up out my window. I didn’t think anything was especially weird or abnormal.

But as I looked around my room something caught my eye. On the left hand side of my room I had one of those very large early 1990’s televisions on top of my dresser, it was switched off, but you could see the reflection of my bedroom in the screen. In that reflection, there was the silhouette of a tall, thin woman, swaying her hips with her arms raised next to her head. From the shadow I could see that she was wearing a long dress, the skirt fanned out at the bottom. And I can remember switching my view from the the floor of my bedroom where the TV suggested she was dancing, and the reflection of her shadow. And I did this over and over becoming more and more confused and frightened. Quickly I ran from the room, and went to my parents bed and spent the night there.

I never saw this apparition again but I told my mum and dad, I told my aunt, my cousin, my friends and no one really believed me. It is reasonable to assume that it was my imagination since I was a young child. But I have to think, what 5 year old girl imagines a woman dancing so provocatively? At that age I had never seen or heard anything that involved dancing like that. And I didn’t even know about spirits or hauntings so why would I fabricate it? To this day I still believe what I saw, and I remember it so vividly. Has anyone else seen this woman?

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  1. I do believe this has happened to you. My husband lived in a home with a violent father that abused his wife and children. His mother passed a few years back and we are working on the house to rent it. We try to get out of there before it gets dark because at dusk I hear knocking and strange noises. When my husband was growing up in the house he was strangled with a blanket in his sleep. The night terrors have gotten better because he found a loved one that can sleep with him ..his wife which would be me. All I can say is that you need to keep away from a home that is not friendly to you. Find a new place to live if you can. It doesn’t sound like a ghost it sounds like a demon. Have you ever seen apparitions or shadows? The best policy to rid yourself is to have holy water and sage. Get into your bathtub with salt and candles which would be white. Cleanse yourself and dry off. With the sage and windows open walk through your home and rid the demon off..saying” This is my home and Jesus the Lord commands you to leave” continue this through all rooms in your home. If you can secure holy water and splash throughout the rooms it would be beneficial.

  2. I’ve never seen this dancing woman, but I have seen very strange images and things since I was small. I believe little children are uninhibited, like you stated in your entry- you had never seen dancing like that, no prior relation to anything like this before etc. In my opinion, children and “open” adults are used sometimes as ways for the various energies to express themselves, sometimes just weird, fun, scary… I sometimes get big fat blatant reminders about things, places, and people I haven’t thought about in years from them. It’s usually when I am mentally relaxed and clear when I hear such things. I don’t intentionally hear or see things, but it does happen from time to time. The dancing lady is very creepy and interesting.

  3. Hi ive had the same thing happen to me as a young child I must of been about 5 I slept in my dads bed 1 night I woke in the middle of the night I looked at the tv (it was switched off) and it had a small women on the screen dancing swaying her hips arms up, like a sexy dance, somewhat erotic ive never said this to anybody to this day 20+ years later because I didnt want to sound weird glad to hear someone has had same experience but now i find it even weirder that its not just me an I didnt imagine it what could it mean?

  4. U should talk to a medium I can see and talk to the dead. So can’t my mom and sisters when I was young like seven I am four teen now I would see a woman in black she was scary I would see here in my dream s point ing at a door I have a ghost. Currently and she won’t go a way she follow s me all the time she show s me things I hate seeing

  5. I [started] having the experiences refered to as “night terrors” in my early thirties. They have continued regularly for over a decade now. I do not recall if I had them as a child. I have seen things, but not that. However, every episode has been unique. If there is really something there, it’s most likley not just one thing.

    I can not over emphasize the preposition, “if there’s really something there,…”

    I have been keeping a journal of these experiences over the past few months.
    They are not always “terrifying.”
    They are not always at night.

    The most terrifying part of them is that they are definitely not what you are used to as “normal.” However, as time goes by, you can get “used to them.”

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