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A strange black mist being me pinned to the floor

From: Thea

My Story : Hi there folks, first if all its somewhat reassuring and strangely comforting to read others that have had experiences so similar to mine.. Here goes…don’t like to recall in detail as it was all so terrifying but having read similar stories on here will share in the hope someone can explain my on going nightmare, my story started a month after moving into a new house alone…1st experience 1am, dark hazy type mist moved across room toward me, this all happened super fast…! No time to react at all, milli seconds between becoming aware of the strange black mist to being pinned to floor, I don’t mean literally but it felt like every square inch of my being was being held down, it felt like it was holding me in a grip by the neck but it was gripping at the back of the neck and the pain was like no other, yes I screamed out….but nothing came out…! No sound came from my body, to me it felt like I was screaming for my life but no sound came out of my mouth, as fast as the attack started it stopped just as quick, what felt like couple of minutes of horrific painful terror could of been seconds, I jumped up after attack..desperately trying to justify what had just happened, what the hell had just happened to me…!! this was a fear I’d never felt before, deep within, it felt like my soul had been touched by some unexplained and evil,just too much to comprehend and why..? Rationalising a experience like this is quite frankly a complete head messer…!! It changes you as a person, I confided in couple of friends ,one laughed and one suggested trip to GP..! It seriously changes ones perception of everything..while you’ve gone through all the possibilities mentally of what could of happened your instinct knows it was real and it did happen, but its sometimes easier to think yeah perhaps a was bad dream like no other, maybe because thats easier to justify to oneself? built in safety feature perhaps..

Updated: April 30, 2016 — 11:25 am

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