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The mystical energy centered at my grant parents farm

From: Victor Houi

My Story: It all began on November,23 2010 when I was interested in the supernatural. I started practicing Wicca when I was 16. At first nothing happens things were just normal. But when I was 17 during my Junior Year in High School things started to get serious. There were no spirits involved but there was a change in my behavior according to one of my teachers in High School. I wasn’t fully aware of what’s happening to me. Up until I started practicing Wicca I was normal but when I started to practice it I started to change. At the same time I was dealing with an abusive father which is why I started practicing it in the first place. Me and my father would fight but it got worse when I began to practice Wicca. It wasn’t until after I moved out of my dads house at the beginning of my Senior year in High School that I realized that I may have opened a doorway to the spiritual realm and the energy or force that came through it fed off of the negativity that was caused my fathers behavior and all the bad things that has happened to me. It eventually became this entity that has no form and roams around the house and as a result it became a living Hell for me. I was angry all the time, i was depress and was reluctantly to do any school activities as much as I did in my senior year. I did however went to school dances during that time period but that was totally it. Anyways after I left my dads I thought it would be over and that I’ll be safe but boy was I wrong. I was living with a friend and at first everything was fine until three months later I slipped back into the darkness and that’s when I realized that the dark entity had followed me and what’s worse during the times when my friend and her older brother persecuted my religion and get into fights every once in a while the entity once again started feeding of the negativity and became stronger. At that point I felt isolated an hardly my friend noticed it and her mother said that there’s nothing in the house. Fast forwarding to the presence. It’s been two years since I last practiced Wicca however the entity still lingers, but it doesn’t have much effect on me as it once did two years ago. Part of it was because there are no negative things in my life that it can feed off of. In addition, it decided to leave but only to take residence at my grandparents farm where I practice my own form of spiritual religion but it doesn’t not have control over my life I have control over it. It’s very clear that it’s not going to leave my life at least until I find a way to rid it once and for all. There were several occasions where I had dreams about my grand parents farm but it would be in the form where the spiritual realm would view it as. Last summer I had a dream of a shadowy figure in front of a tree stump that me and my grandparents were burning. What’s more creepy about it earlier that day we were burning that same tree stump and when I went to bed later that night that’s when I had that dream and that shadowy figure appeared. I think it might be a demon possibly the form of the dark entity that haunts me to this day. What do you guys think? Also all that mystical energy are all centered at my grant parents farm. What does that mean to you guys?

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