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I wake up and see faces of dead people

From: kayleigh

My Story : When I was younger, I would wake up around 2/3. As I would open my eyes, I saw faces of the dead etc. I thought it was just my mind and went to bed in fear however it is starting to happen again and this time I hear faint whispers, not loud enough to make out the words.


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Updated: May 3, 2016 — 9:41 pm


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  1. If you feel very rigid or like you’re stuck when you wake up, then the things you see and hear may be side effects of sleep paralysis. However if you do not suffer from sleep paralysis it may be best to get a professional to come and cleanse your house, or you can do it yourself by burning sage in your house and maybe sprinkling salt around your room if your ok with salt grains being all over the place. If that doesn’t help you should seek professional help to come and cleanse/exorcise your house

  2. Yes I also had these kinds of same experience when I was 5 year old and it remained till I became 10. And now I m 16 and I m happy that all my bad experiences are gone

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