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The unfamiliar figure of a girl standing right in front of my television

From: Samantha

My Experience : I haven’t ever had any physical spiritual experiences, but more mental and trying to be physical.
It wasn’t necessarily too long ago, but it feels like years ago. It was around ten at night, and I was downstairs, waiting for my cousin to arrive for our sleepover. It was really dark, and the eerie feeling I’ve always had about my old house didn’t help much. My parents were asleep, as well as my brother, so I was the only one awake on my side of the duplex/townhouse. I was sitting on my couch, when suddenly, a feeling of presence hits me like a bowling ball. (Not literally, just a metaphor, but it came suddenly.) I looked around, and I was alone. Then, I looked again, and I thought I might be crazy, because I saw an unfamiliar figure standing right in front of my television, looking at me with too many emotions in her eyes. I knew it was fake, or at least not physical. I squinted my eyes, and only if I focused hard on the television screen, would I not see it. I tried to ignore it, but the feeling was too strong. It was as if I could feel was she was feeling. She was feeling cold, sad, scared out of her mind, a tint of anger, and a splotch of hope – from me. I was mostly confused about the hope, mostly because it felt to be directed at me. I was shaking, and I’ve felt presences before, and I was never scared, and I wasn’t scared then, either. I suddenly got so cold, goosebumps rose on my arms, so sad, that I felt like crying, (I’m very rarely sad, it’s one of my positive traits.) so familiar with all of the emotions, that I couldn’t think of any other theory other than that I was feeling her emotions, and she was looking to me for help. What she looked like – she had dirty-bond hair, wavy, like mine is after I get out if the shower, and tan, smooth, soft, young skin, with tear-stained cheeks. She was wearing a tattered dress, white with small flower designs skattering it spaciously, and her skin looked slightly covered in soot. I forget what eyes color she had, because it’s a slowly fading memory, but she seemed to be about seven years of age, homeless, dead, and an orphan. Somehow, I had visions of a burning building flashing through my mind uncontrollably, like she was throwing her memories to me.
After this, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I picked up my phone, not taking my eyes off of her once, and called my best friend. She knows of my experiences, so I felt that I could talk to her. When she picked up the phone for FaceTime, I told her about it immediately, and she told me to go to my room, away from the girl. I wanted to leave desperately, but at the same time, I felt the need to help her, and stay with her, no matter how horrible it made me feel. After telling me continuously to go to my room, I obeyed, after mouthing a ‘sorry, goodbye’ to the girl. At that, a wave of hopelessness and sorrow washed over me, but I ignored it, and obeyed my best friend completely, and went to my room.
After that event, I haven’t had any occurances with mysterious presences, nearly as often or as strong as the ones I used to. The only time I’ve had the feeling of spirits around me was when my best friend was over for a sleepover, and I felt that eyes were on me, not hers though. She was talking to me about spirits, and about how she has has similar occurances, and she was actually crying, where it took a lot for me to cry.
Also, after that occurance, I haven’t been getting any restful sleep at all, and I think it may be interfering with my spiritual connection, maybe perminently, but today, I still struggle to get restful sleep, and don’t sense when someone is near, like I used to, before the occurance. The spiritual connection runs in my blood – my Great, Great Grandmother was a pure witch. I’m not entirely sure what it means, but I know that she was a good witch.


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