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Strange happeninings in my grandparents house

From: Tony

My Experience: Roughly a decade ago during the housing crisis my family was trying in vain to sell my grandparents home after my grandmother’s passing. My grandmother had died of Parkinson’s disease and my grandfather had died of a heart attack about five years before that. After a year of having little luck and not wanting to lower the price any further, I was approached about renting the property while it was for sale. Admittedly, I was more interested in moving out of my parents house. I was in my early twenties then and had just started working full-time, I had no credit to get an apartment of my own, so I agreed.
Things didn’t start off too bad. It wasn’t until I started inviting my friends over that strange things started. Guests would hear “who are you” whispered into their ears. Objects would be moved and doors would mysteriously lock themselves. My then girlfriend (now my spouse) was locked upstairs while I was preoccupied with a new gadget I’d just got.
I remember one week was particularly bad. I would feel really cold spots in the house and it was the middle of summer. I remember an alarm clock going off in the dead of night that I didn’t even know was there. In addition to the usual: objects being moved, doors opening and locking themselves, etc.
It was after that week I’d had enough. I stood in the center most part of the house and calmly and clearly told whatever else was occupying the house that they weren’t wanted and had to leave.
That night I had a really bad migraine I was laying awake in bed waiting for some ibuprofen I’d just took to kick in. Then I heard a clear foot step at the top of the spiral staircase… And then another… And another… I heard crystal clear footsteps all the way down the staircase. My bedroom was right next to the staircase. I looked when the sounds reached the stairwell but I never saw anything. After that night nothing else strange ever happened.
Other then my spouse, I never told anyone about about this.


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