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Are my health conditions caused by a demon haunting me in my sleep?

From: Amber

My Experience : I want to share an experience that’s been happening to me for a while. This very negative presence has spanned a few decades, so bear with me because the post is long, but I would like your opinions and advice.

When I was in the 3rd grade I would have this reoccurring dream that I was in my elementary school gymnasium, and the back wall opened up into a mountain. Even though I was scared of that mountain, I felt compelled to climb it. There would always be these gargoyle-like figures jutting out from the side of the mountain, and always a crowd of kids climbing the mountain behind me. I would try to climb ahead of the crowd because I felt like some threat was lurking in that crowd, but when I got to the top, I would run from room to room trying to run from a threat I knew was trying to find me. (there was a house at the top of gargoyle mountain). The dream would always end with me hiding in the corner of a random bedroom, knowing that the threat finally found me. I was always too afraid to look up to see what it was, and the dream would end. That same dream happened a few times a week, and went on until about 6th grade. Between that time the reoccurring dream went away, but randomly in other, non-recurring dreams I would suddenly feel that same threat lurking… And would spend the rest of the dream trying to avoid that threat (at this point I still hadn’t looked this threat in the face)

Then in 7th grade I started having this new reoccurring dream where I would walk down the hallway of a house. The hallway was dark, and there were rooms along each side of the hallway. Each room was completely empty, except for a single metal TV Stand and TV in the middle of the room (the same kind of tvs and metal TV stands they used to wheel into classrooms in the 90s when we watched films). Anyway, each room also had it’s own “color” to it, as if there were a colored lightbulb in each room. One room was red, another Yellow, then blue, then Purple, and so on. In the dream I would always walk down the hallway, peeking in each room, and dreading when I got to the last room. Because the closer I walked toward that last room, the stronger that threatening feeling became. I knew what’s been chasing me in my dreams and what I was running from on gargoyle mountain was in that room. Finally I would get to that last room and there would be a little boy with his back turned to me,looking at the TV, as if he were watching something on it, but nothing was playing. (which didn’t have a specific color to it, and and there wasn’t a light, but I could see perfectly). Every time after seeing the back of that little boy I would wake up in the same cold sweat that I used to wake up in when I had the dream of gargoyle mountain. That reoccurring dream went on several times a week until my freshman year of high school.

After that, reoccurring dreams of the creepy hallway stopped, but that threatening presence would show up in random other dreams of mine and sometimes I would have to try to try to avoid it again.

Fast forward to my sophomore year of high school, my parents just divorced, and I moved into a 2bdrm apartment with my dad. One night I remember being so tired that I crashed really early (around 4pm). I woke up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason, and when I looked down at the foot of my bed there was a black figure, about the height of a 3yr old, messing with the blankets around my feet. I screamed, then woke myself up screaming… And this is when it gets really weird…. Once I woke myself up screaming I calmed myself down, wiped the sweat from my face, and laid back down…. Then heard a child’s giggling in my ear, clear as day, say “he’s gonna get you”
…. And as soon as I heard that in my ear, I woke up… For the final time. So it was a waking dreamx2, I guess. Once I woke up that final time, I thought “God damn it, this must be the newest edition of reoccurring dreams. Great.” I even remember blurting out a defeated “fuck.” before going back to sleep. I didn’t tell ANYONE about that dream. Not a soul…. Until the next night.

The next night my sister was visiting my dad and I, and was planning to stay the weekend over. My sister came running in my room in the middle of the night, screaming “amber wake up! Amber you need to leave there’s something in here!” I sat up in my bed, and she wouldn’t talk until we were out of the room. Even though she was about in tears I was still convinced she was messing with me somehow (after all, they’ve only always just been dreams. Dreams don’t hurt) she told me she saw something wearing a hood standing in the corner of my room. Determined to catch her messing with me I said, very convincingly “oh my God, I’ve seen that, was it tall, with claws and teeth?” and she said “no I couldn’t see a face or hands, but it was about up to here(she pointed to her hips)”. Tears seriously started streaming down my face because that was the first time I realized that all of these dreams could be more than just dreams. I told my sister about everything that night. The dreams I had the previous night, and all the dreams I’ve had since I was in the 3rd grade (again, up until now I never talked about these dreams to anyone because that’s all they were… Dreams)

I never had the waking dream with the dark figure or the little kid giggle- whispering in my ear again, but every once in a while the threatening feeling would turn up randomly in another one of my dreams and I would have to try to avoid it again.

Fast forward to junior year of high school. I had a dream that I was at my friend’s house. No one was home, but I was there alone, making pancakes (dream logic, don’t ask). Anyway, once I ate my pancakes, cleaned up, and left the house, the front yard was no longer her front yard, and everything was in a sort of sepia tone. There was a dark pond, which I remember thinking was dangerous, so I stayed away. I was so scared, because I knew the threat which sometimes is present in other dreams, and in my past reoccurring dreams, was here somewhere. I then saw a greek-style structure with 4 pillars and a roof. As soon as I looked at it these iron bars closed down around it. I then see a dirty, cracked mirror which looked like it had grown out of the ground. Instead of walking over to it, I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to it. When I looked into it my face became distorted, like a funhouse mirror. When I looked behind me I saw my boyfriend at the time (now he’s my husband) sitting on this old, cracked cement bench. I sat down next to him and said “hey, Jon, what are you doing here” he didn’t answer me, and continued to keep his back turned to me. I then shook him on the shoulder and said “hey, Jon, answer me.” he then turned, but it wasn’t Jon’s face. His skin was Grey, his eyes were completely black, and he smiled with pointy teeth and said “I’m not Jon, I’m the demon who haunts you in your sleep”

Then I woke up in tears.
Once I had seen this things face I knew this was the threatening feeling I had been trying to run from in my dreams since the 3rd grade. This was the first time I had seen it face-to-face, but it wouldn’t be the last.

Since that dream, I will randomly get that threatening feeling in my dreams, be able to locate where it’s coming from, and I’ll see his face, grinning at me with those hideous teeth in a crowd of people, from a corner, going the opposite way on an escalator, etc. I can sense him in my dreams now,and I can use that gut wrenching feeling to locate him, wherever he happens to be blending into.

In my early 20s I began have dreams where I would be walking past my kitchen table at nighttime and he would be crouched under the table, grinning, or I would be standing in my bathroom and I would see him beside me in the mirror, or I would be sitting on the porch and he would be sitting in the chair across from me, again with that awful effing grin. Each time I would wake up in the place, or near to the place I had the dream. With the porch dream, I woke up sleeping in the porch chair, with the dream where he was crouching under the table, I woke up in a sitting position on the couch (which is across from the kitchen table), etc.

Another time I woke up in the middle of the night, for seemingly no reason at all, and looked into my closet. At that time my future husband was staying over at my place. In my closet I had a plastic storage bin filled with Xmas decorations sitting in the middle of my closet floor (it was a walk-in closet) when I looked on the bin I saw Jon (my future husband) sitting with his back towards me on top of the plastic storage bin. I said “Jon, what are you doing up?” I went to get up to go towards him and when I went to crawl out of bed I realized Jon was sleeping next to me. I touched Jon’s face to make sure he was really there, then turned back to the cost, and what I thought was Jon sitting there wasn’t, HE had turned his head and was grinning at me with his ugly, sharp teeth again. I even rubbed my eyes, and once they adjusted he was STILL there, grinning. I screamed to the top of my lungs and thought “okay any minute now I’m going to wake up because this is another one of those waking dreams.” NOPE. Jon woke up from my screaming, and we went in the living room.I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night.

Up until that point, Jon had known that I had always had bad dreams, and very early on I had told him everything. He believed everything I said, but also was. Innately the same skeptic I initially was, believing that “dreams were dreams and dreams can’t hurt you.”…until HE had his own dream.

About a year later he called me in the middle of the night, practically in tears, begging to come over for the night. When he got there he said” I had a dream that there was a tall shadow with wings standing over me. It said ‘she’s going to be mine”‘

…. Needless to say, he started to give more credence to my dreams like I do now.

At 25 yrs old, he finally stopped haunting my dreams. It’s been 3yrs. Since then I have had declining health, though. I’ve since developed rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and it’s debilitated me to the point where I can’t work any longer. I’m 28 years old and I had to stop teaching (my dream career) and I can barely manage to do dishes or cook dinner. Maybe I’m mistaking coincidence for causation here when it comes to the connection between these dreams and my health problems, but I do want to hear other opinions. I originally went here wondering about spirit boxes to see if I could confront this piece of shit, and tell it to leave me the hell alone (I’ve read that if you show no fear it doesn’t have a hold over you), but to be honest, I haven’t seen him in my dreams in a few years, so these health problems (as sudden as they did come on) may not even be connected, so I don’t want to provoke anything. Am I just being paranoid about these health conditions being connected?

I’m sorry this is so long, but like I said, this experience spans decades.

Thanks for listening, guys



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  1. Hello, Your story intrigued me.I have a few questions for you and I hope that you would answer them if possible but if not, I completely understand.
    1) are you religious or spiritual in any way at all? Have you ever been as a child or have your parents ever invoked such a religion onto you? what about your husband?
    2) did you ever see a psychiatrist or physiologist of any sort to talk about your dreams? ( i don’t mean to ask in a sense where I believe it’s your mind playing tricks on you. Just for the sake of talking to someone about your dreams or your experience and so forth. )
    3) Does your family have a medical history of these health issues? Or have you been the only one diagnosed with such illnesses (your arthritis and other physical illnesses you’ve mentioned)?
    4) Do you feel something around you from time to time? Like a heavy feeling or feelings of something watching you. Things like that. What about your husband?

    These are just a few questions that were sparked when reading your story and I do believe everything you have described so please do not think that I am undermining or questioning your situation. I was also wanting to ask why you always shrugged off your dreams? many people in the beginning do the same thing but after years of the same occurrences, they normally gain the desire to find actual answers in order to give them a peace of mind. Did you ever think of going to one of those dream experts? Some are actually legit but I wouldn’t know for certain as I have never gone to one myself. thank you in advance and I hope to hear a response from you in the near future.
    Also, my name is Jazmin.

    – Jazmin

  2. It sounds like this demon is not only your worst nightmare but your very life. With him you live in constant fear and torment, but without him you are being physically tormented. I am so, so sorry this is happening to you. I would suggest going to a dream expert; I have never been to one myself as my dreams and nightmares have not been serious enough but it sounds like the best path to take. Good luck.

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