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Are my passed in-laws warning me not relocate

From: Alan

My Experience : I was asleep on my back last night.I felt a very hard thud against my forehead it even moved my head.I woke up in great fear and turned on the light but my wife and son was fast asleep and they weren’t facing me so it could not have been them.I am in the process of making a huge career decision and it involves moving house.This house we own belonged to my wifes parents.My father inlaw passed on when my wife was 9 years old.Her mother is living with us and she is now 76 years old and doesnt want to relocate with us at her age. Can this be her father or brother warning me not to go? Could they be angry?I feel very down and disturbed about what happened and dont know if I’m reading to much into it.Can someone please help or guide me urgently as I need to make a decision this week.Thanx


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Updated: May 14, 2016 — 8:08 pm

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