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Strange happenings started as I chilled watching Netflix

From: Marah

My Experience : So, yesterday afternoon, my family had gone out to eat, I wasn’t hungry, so I stayed home alone. The front and back door was locked. I just chilled in my room watching Netflix. I realized that the trash can in my room was full, so I took it into the kitchen and dumped the trash into the bigger trash can, it wasn’t all the way full. I made sure the trash was as deep as it would go, so nothing would fall out. After I was done, i went back into my room, as soon as i entered my room, I heard a loud thud. I went into the kitchen and saw a cardboard box that i had put in the trash had fallen out. I didn’t think that it could happen because i had put it deep into the trash can. I simply ignored it and went back into my room and sat onto my couch. I hear a door open and a door knob jiggle. I went around the house, seeing if anyone was there… No one was, none of the doors had budged. And the front and back doors were locked still. So again, I ignored it. I went in my room and sat on my couch to watch Netflix again.I look up, because I hear a small shuffling sound. I see out of the corner of my eye, a person, or a figure, wearing a white gown, with blackish, brownish hair. It wasn’t walking, it was floating. I could tell, because it was quick, but not too quick, but it wasn’t slow either. I only saw it for a second at least. It turned and headed into my moms room. Her bedroom door was halfway shut. I was so scared. I shut my bedroom door and call my mom, I tell her to come home now, i explain why and she tells me that they’ll be home as soon as possible. While I was on the phone with my mom, i could hardly breathe and I heard dresser drawers open and shut, coming from my moms room. I was bawling my eyes out by then, that’s all I could do. It was really hard to breathe, it was really hard to talk too. Once they got home, I had to run out and unlock the door. I was shaking, it was hard to unlock the door. But I did, and when the got into the house and re-explained everything. And my mom walked down the hallway, into her room. Only, the bedroom door was open all the way, not halfway anymore.
And that was the biggest experience I have had in my life so far, although, before all of this had happened yesterday, in school, I kept hearing my name being called, when no one was calling it, at least no one living…..
I need help, I am scared. What if it happens again, but everyone is there? But they’re sleeping. But I am awake.
What if it gets worse?
Any thoughts or advice??


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Updated: May 20, 2016 — 7:57 pm

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