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In my apartment I feel a sense of heaviness in the atmosphere.

From: MsB

My Experience : I’ve been in my apartment for 2 years now. Immediately when I moved in I felt a sense of heaviness in the atmosphere. My toddlers toys began to turn on by themselves at night on one occasion it woke me up thinking the boys were up late trying to play I got up out of bed to see what was going on all the boys were sound asleep and the toy was going off by itself to my surprise this particular toy had no batteries. Doors will open and close on there own one morning fresh coffee was brewed and nobody but myself and my four boys were home and I knew for sure I hadn’t brewed any coffee. On other occasions my TV will turn on and off by itself certain items will go missing in the house for days and then be plainly put it an obvious place were I’ve searched time and time again. It’s really frightening at times and I wonder what I can do about this.


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Updated: May 23, 2016 — 7:40 pm

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  1. Hi, I do not have many personal paranormal experiences, but from what you have said, it seems like there is just a regular spirit in your house. Not all spirits are bad, some do not feel like moving on yet, and the one in your apartment seems to be just a playful type. Many harmless spirits tend to hide things (but give them back later), or turn electronics/devices on and off. It doesn’t seem like anything to be afraid of, but if it really bothers you, try getting professional help to get the spirit out your home. Also, keep an eye on the atmosphere. If you start feeling unsafe, as if the presence in your home has turned sinister or malevolent, get professional help immediately. It would probably be accompanied by other things like heavier, more dangerous objects moving, random cuts/ scratches appearing on you, or a lingering feeling of fear for no reason. But right now it seems pretty harmless, just a spirit who may not be ready to move on yet. I especially dont think a malevont spirit would go out of its way to have coffee ready for you.

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