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The home with 5 spirits

From: Ashley

My Experience : Okay, this will be super long and I apologize in advance. I’m 23 and live with my 60 year old mother. We we’re never believers of anything supernatural until we moved into the last house we lived in. It was a 2-story rental, owned by good people-my 7th grade teacher actually. So to begin the house was a very dark and dreary place and very old. My mother and I both felt very anxious and depressed there. Our first experiences began with my then 4-5 year old niece. She would never go to the restroom alone, and she slept with my mother in her room with the bathroom in the same room, strange but we thought she was scared of the dark. Never thought much into it. The she beg and to waste full bottles of dish soap, daily for almost two years. Once we moved and found out from a physical medium that there we’re spirits in this house we asked my neice now 6 why she didn’t do that anymore her response was “no one was telling her to do it anymore”. Also things would constantly go missing. All of our silverware had disappeared, it didn’t make any sense. We cleaned in my moms room one day and found it all behind the bed, and no one ate in the bedrooms, we ate together always. Alarming but still not much interest from us. next I was out one night and my mom called me asking me “what I was doing making so much noise upstairs” I told her I wasn’t at home. We attributed that to it just being and old house, they all make strange noises sometimes. Well the medium is in my family and she would come over and you could see her looking at something around the house but I never thought much into it. Turns out she was following the 5 spirits in my home. So agains, things going missing. We had a coffee can filled with change in the top of the closet in the master bedroom. My mom asked me for over three months where it was and I didn’t know. I hadn’t seen it. When we finally started moving we moved out washer and dryer out and there it was, hidden under clothes that had fallen off them. Crazy to me, still didn’t understand but we wanted out for sure. Something wasn’t right. About 8 months before we moved we lost our 13 year old dog. A month or so later we got another dog, a rescue and a puppy. So puppies chew shoes, cords all that and they are a work out to potty train. This dog chewed over 30 pairs of shoes and 15 cell phone chargers and would not go outside to potty. It got to the point where we had to kennel him all night while we slept and all day while we worked. So we were going to get rid of him, it wasn’t working for sure. So on our last day there we loaded the rest of our stuff and our two dogs to head to the new house which had an over all better feeling to it than that house. We were here for about a week and our puppy no longer chewed shoes, charges and he pottied out side with very few accidents. It took about a week yo fully potty train him. So after we moved out the medium later came by our new house and told us there were those 5 spirits there, a couple, man and woman- who fought all the time upstairs. Very unhappy couple. Also two other men and and woman. These we’re the ones who liked to hide things as the medium said, which is why the change jar and silverware all went missing. And she also said they we’re tormenting our new puppy, they didn’t like dogs. We have moved and lived in our home now since September. There is an older lady here but she likes the dogs and kids and doesn’t mind that we are here. So things have for sure looked up since the move!


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