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I astro located to some beautiful planet

From: Alyssa

My Experience: Forgive me for starting my story like this, but it all started when I was very little. I would hear strange sounds that you’d swear we’re taken from a scifi movie. My parents obviously didn’t believe me, they only gave me a flash light and would help me say the prayer “Our father who art in heaven”, sorry I don’t know the name. That’s all that really happened when I was young, but weird things started happening when I was 13, by then, I was done going through the major changes in puberty. I started having very vivid dreams that scared me at first, but eventually I threw my fear away and I became lucid at least once every night. One night I astro located to some beautiful planet, it was far more lucid than any dream I had before, and was very detailed. While I had amazing dreams, around the same time as this, I started having really creepy dreams I would have them about once a month and they would happen for a week straight. When I woke up from them I would be really tired and then pulled back to the same nightmare, no matter how many times I woke up. Just to clarify, each nightmare was different from the one the night before. The dreams were really vivid, but not like when I astro located, they where pure horror. This one time I had the name Cassiel that kept appearing in my dreams, in the same night Cassiel’s symbol, also called the flower of life appeared. I’m still having lucid dreams, vivid dreams, and these really suspicious creepy dreams. I’ve also had sleep paralysis, but I don’t think that’s supernatural related.Besides this, odd things seem to follow me.
I was sleeping over with my friends, it was around one in the morning, but I would have usually stayed up to three at the time. I had a compete nights rest the night before, we were watching TV. I put my head down for a couple seconds but when lifted it, it was morning. It wasn’t that I forget I fell asleep, literally three to five seconds passed, I swear to god. I had complete loss of time.
A year later, and and I’m pretty sure its not related, I woke up to this thing that looked like a silent from Doctor Who, except it had a mouth that stretched way too far up its jaw and cheeks with long sharp teeth. It stood in front of my closed closet staring at me almost unmoving, I don’t remember anything else, I don’t remember falling back asleep but I did.
I was walking down to my bus stop last year and It was dark in the morning, and there was this mysterious mist. I heard this erratic whistle, that I couldn’t pin point, I picked up my pace and joined the other kids at my stop.
We had this earthquake that only one other house on my street felt. It had this odd humming that was not coming from anything in the house. The earthquake happend twice, the second time it happend right after I told my mom.

I suddenly woke up looking at a ghost, it looked glassy or little bit like a heatwave, but was human shaped. The ghost noticed I saw it and it glided above my bed and was moving its head from side to side observing me as I was of it. It then then went back to where it was and turned foggy before dissolving, I just mutterd bye. A while later I woke up once again to a ghost, it did pretty much the same thing but didn’t cock it’s head.
I sudenly woke up, but this time I saw this shadow spider, about the size of a tarantula, on my ceiling. It moved about a couple centimetres before melting into the wall.
Now back to ghosts, it happend around a week after my grandma passed, I woke to a ghost looking at my mirror, I said hello and the ghost turned to looked at me. The ghost resembled my grandma very much, but at the time I didn’t know. She hovered over my bed, got too close for comfort to my face, and then dissolved. Around the same time I kept hearing footsteps in my parents room, the extension cord behind the couch for phone charges sounded like it was being picked up and dropped, felt a presence, and my cockatiel was freaking out. He was screaming for me while staring at something, I was convinced that it was a ghost and warned my parents, they didn’t believe me at first, but they are in no way skeptics, having experiences themselves. Later I asked my cousin and she told me she could smell the same perfume she wore.
This happened two days in a row, I woke up to what sounded like my other grandparents telling me to wake up and trying to unlock my door, I just kept my eyes closed, wanting to get 30 more seconds of sleep. I knew someone was there because I felt it. So I opened my eyes and no one was there. The next day I woke up to a ghost, I said hello, and it was quickly there and gone, so I just went back to sleep. So the same morning I woke up again to the ghost floating above me, but then my bed started vibrating, like a very small earthquake, but only my bed was shaking.
I see these sparkles in my vision, I had it checked, my eyes are fine. They say it’s Angels, I believe in angels, but I don’t believe it’s them.
A while after the first or second ghost, I was in the basement and the lights suddenly started flickering like an episode of supernatural. Around the same time I saw the name and symbol of Cassiel, there was this man in my dream, he wore a Vintage leather jacket, a red shirt, jeans, boots, his hair was similar to the tenth Doctor’s, but was more mild and had more grease in it, and was a dark brown, I can’t remember his face, I’m terrible at that already in real life. He appeared in my dream pretty recently and had black wings. I have this strong feeling that he was real, but of course I doubt it because it’s not very believable.
Sorry it’s not very neat, and I’m missing two experiences that just won’t cross my mind. If you don’t understand my references look them up so it can more sense.


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  1. I’ve had many experience with ghosts and paranormal experience, but this one stood out, because I was so young, I seen my grandmother when I was about maybe 15 or 16 and I’m 43 now. I’ve always wanted to know how is the people that’s living in this same exact house knowing wat I know. And seeing wat I have seen, also my dad died in that house. I wonder if craziness is taking place there.

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