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Was this a poltergeist or haunting experience or not?

From: Eugene

mY Experience: I wish to share two paranormal experienced as a young boy and again as an adult. Please review and let me have your opinion of them.

1) The Moving Curtain Experience:

In Nassau, Bahamas when I was about 10 years old, we lived in a small wooden house of four rooms that had only curtains at the doorways separating them. Each night I would do my homework assignments at about eight or nine o’clock. But I noticed that strangely when ever I was deep in thought about a homework challenge, I intently looked at the door curtain separating the kitchen and small dining room only to notice that as I gazed at it and commanded it to stop moving, it would simply stop its movement and remain rigidly still. The moment I looked away, it would resume moving naturally as if it heeded my mental command.

I thought this strange phenomenon was a little scary at first, and was determined to test it again an d again, and each time I gazed upon that curtain, it almost instantly stopped moving. To really test my theory, I told a few of my brothers and sisters to gaze at it themselves and to audibly or mentally command it to stop moving and tell me what the was the result. But surprisingly the curtain never stopped moving. When they saw what happened when I stared at it they couldn’t believe their eyes and actually became very frightened…believing that possibly the house was in fact haunted. Well this went on for years until I went off to college. But I will never forget that experience which has caused me to wonder how was it possible for me to stop the curtain movement.

An explanation or opinion is much appreciated.

2) The Teleportation Encounter:

Again in Nassau Bahamas, many years later, I was married with a family and very much a career minded professional.

I was an avid jogger who took to the street 5:00 am daily for my 5 mile run. It was customary for me when I returned home to go to the bath room immediately to urinate before retiring to do my morning devotion while enjoying a cup of tastefully brewed coffee.

I went t my bath room and stood above the toilet bowl to urinate. Al I ever remembered was finding myself sitting on the corridor floor at the entrance of my bathroom, with both my hands on my knees. How I got there was a mystery to me to this day. I was, in fact, feeling fine with no dizzy spell or ill feeling that would possibly cause me to black out unknowingly.

Well, since I still had to urinate, I proceeded to position myself as before above the toilet bowl to urinate…only to discover myself on the floor in the same sitting position with my hands on my knees. Now things started to become a little alarming as I begun to wonder how it was possible for me to be sitting on the floor in the exact same position a second time, within minutes apart. It was as if someone or something simply took hold of me and placed me there unknowingly.

I immediately decided hat I would urinate later that morning as I was afraid that if I attempted it a third time, I would have a similar encounter.

If someone can possibly shed some explanation on my experience, it would be so much appreciated as the memories of them still linger in my mind not knowing the reason. Was this a poltergeist or haunting experience or not???


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  1. In Islam, we call it a Jinn or simply a spiritual being. They usually tend to stay away from people, but in some cases, they can share the same living space with people. Bathrooms are their favorite, since they like unclean places. If you believe in GOD, seek protection against these spirits by turning to the CREATOR. Any time you experience similar, turn to GOD and you should be fine.

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