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Strange activity in my trailer in Indiana

From: Tiffany

My Experience: I’m very huge into paranormal. I’ve seen and heard some crazy things within these past several years. I’m a strong believer in ghostly spirits who have unfinished business here on earth. I have several stories to tell, but I’ll share one for now. This story is recent..
My girlfriend and I live in this trailer in Indiana. I only get weird feelings when we’re in our bedroom. I always feel like I’m being watched through the crack of our door that does not latch. Lets make this clear that my girlfriend, sister and I have used a ouija bored a few times before this night even happened. We asked the board if it liked me and my girlfriend, it moved the planchette to “no”. Gave me goosebumps! But we asked if it liked my sister and it moved the planchette to “yes”. Anyways, getting side tracked. A couple weeks ago my now fiancé and I were doing “adult” things in the bedroom. My back was facing the door. And let’s say my dog was laying right next to our bed sound asleep when this happened. My fiancé had a look of fear in her eyes and I just froze when I heard the door open and slam against the wall like someone barged in. like I said, our door does not latch and our dog has walked in multiple times even by running and has never had the door swing open that fast and hit our wall before. By far the creepiest thing I’ve witnessed.


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Updated: June 2, 2016 — 8:23 pm

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