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Did I have a paranorrmal experience after watching the Conjuring?

From: Rachel

My Experience – I don’t know if this is paranormal or not but if anyone has an explanation for this please let me know. So me and three friends went to see the conjuring 2 the other day. None of us were scared when it got over and we all went to sleep just fine. It has been one day since then. Last night it was maybe 3:30-4:00 am and I was just falling asleep, I heard running but both of my dogs were in another room with the door closed. As I heard the running i opened one of my eyes just enough to see, I thought I saw my grandma standing there like she was staring at me (she is still alive) I said “what are you doing grandma?” But when I opened my eyes all the way there was nobody there.


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  1. I too had a weird experience.i don’t know if its something of paranormal stuff or maybe coincidence. i watched conjuring 2 all alone in my room at around 11:30 pm.after one hour of the movie my bulb light in my room started to blink 2 or 3 times every 10 mins and then electricity got cut off every 15 was kinda weird because this things rarely happens in my house.after i finished the movie the lights were normal again.beleive me its day i told my sis bout it she said it must be due to the heavy rainfall the other night which was messing with the current.but like i said its very rare even in that weather.maybe she was right or coincidence.but it scared me.every time the lights went off i had to pause the movie and resume it again when lights came back..

  2. i have been having dreams that i am in a room awake and watching myself doing normal stuff, i am not scared in the dream but it is a weird feeling. Someone I work with has had the same dreams.

  3. last night I was watching conjuring-2 with my husband at near about 1:30 p.m suddenly flower pot which was on the table fell down on the floor itself we both get shocked and scared as well how it is possible. I can’t say exactly its a paranormal activity or our illusion!!!!

  4. Jose from San Antonio

    I just watched it but I noticed during the middle climax of the movie,I had scratches on my left arm(I have old cuts from being emo years ago ironically).
    But the scary part is that I was so stunned and scared by the movie I didn’t movie around one bit, I was frozen watching the movie. There’s no way the cup holder apolstry cut me…freaky

  5. Viewer from Estonia

    I had an unexplained experience during the night after I had watched Conjuring 1. Literally just hours later.

    I had finished watching the film, didn’t think too much of it. I was not aware of the movie itself being so-called “haunted” at that time.
    I had already gone to sleep and all the windows and doors were closed. No air was circulating in the room.

    Then I began to feel a slow build up of fear and anxiety. It grew heavier and eventually I had to open my eyes to take a look around the room, convincing myself that there was indeed nobody else in there with me.
    As I turned to look at the door, I saw one of the hanging towels move as if it was being brushed or dragged by someone.

    I remained on the bed completely still, still not believing what I had just witnessed.
    Then I immediately jumped out of bed, turned on the light and did a complete search of the room, checking every window and the door and made sure they were in fact closed.
    I could not, however, replicate the movement made by the hanging towel.
    The heavy presence I had felt finally began to fade away and I went back to sleep but I stayed up for at least half an hour after the incident.

  6. Last night as soon as I played the movie in the first scene right after that big sound when those people close their eyes I literally felt something sat on my quilt as my legs were under the quilt. I paused the movie n was frozen for 5 most mins

  7. I think it’s quite common to experience paranormal activity after watching a horror film especially with demonic acts. Usually, it is believed that negative entities try to create fear in people. Once fear is created, it feeds them to continue scarying you. Allowing them to

  8. I have finished watching the Conjuring 1 and 2, im also 11. I haven’t experienced anything paranormal and it has been 7 months since i watched the two movies, i think the ‘curse’ is only in America, that is what most people are saying.

  9. The worst thing I could of done to myself and family. After deductive reasoning I came to conclude this film has been the source of my scratches ( 3 line makers). My Wife refused to watch it with, I went ahead to watch it. That night my wife wakes up screaming about something crawling along her inner thigh. The following morning i found an explainable scratch. as time continued I was the only one getting scratch or/and witnessing strange events; such as, coffee cups falling on their own (well secured in cabinet).
    The last straw: I was sitting on the toilet and i noticed bool red marks on my thigh; quickly fading after i took notice. Luckily i was able to take pictures. I am arranging for a priest to conduct a blessing.

  10. I watched Conjuring 2 after that when ever i try to study at night i feel like someone is there.. and i feel scare… This doesn’t happen before

  11. I actually had a dream before we go to watch the movie (2) but I all ready watch the trailer so I was in a room with a lot of cross end then I felt scared end I was with a nother familly not mine end my (fake) sister tell us to watch a scary movie btw I’m a moslem btw i don’t want to be rude but I felt really scared end I say to my fake dad no there’s cross everywhere end he was like yes your right but we ended up watching it end at the end it was Patrick. … I couldn’t see it in woke up end tell my cousin end at nigot we go see the movie end ther was Patrick. …. end i was like wtf did I just see hes name ???? ((

  12. Just yesterday(20/05/2018). I saw ‘The Conjuring'(1) at 4pm ..I was having a continuous kick sounds in my earphones….after watching at 7:45pm…a glass of showcase which was sealed with Tape suddenly Fell was like a A undefined force pulled it….

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