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I was watching myself being choked

From: Ariel

My Experience : last night i had this strange dream like i was watching myself being choked by something that i couldn’t see and next to me there were a lot of shadows. in a moment i rise my hand like i am trying to ask for help and try to shout but then i wake up and look at my hand that’s still up but not only that, i was sweating a lot and hardly breathing… there have been different cases like i was having this feeling that someone was watching me or when i hear voices next to my ear or even feeling like i was being touched by something. at this moments my chest fells so heavy and my whole body is shaking from the beating of my heart. if anybody knows what this is please tell me. thank you.


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Updated: July 26, 2016 — 9:39 am


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  1. I think that this was astral projection.

  2. All that you have seen or faced is your dream. this is your illusion nothing else.If we watch such kind of horror movies we get scared and all that just get visually in our mind which we can’t forget easily. In our dream all that get meshed up with our daily life and come in front of us in the form of dream, this is all the creativity of our mind…so don’t worry

  3. Hello, I have had many experiences that are similar to what you described. Especially the heavy weighted feeling on the chest and shakiness that comes along with it. The feeling that something is watching you and even following you around has been a common experience for me. The sound of a voice in your ear can be very intense as well, like the sound shoots through your body.

    I believe these events are from spiritual entities that cause these effects upon a selected person. With practice you can overcome the fear of these events and rise above these negative feelings.

  4. just to give you remedy. just once read ram raksha strot in a day or evening time. and if you cant play it in night for 2-3 days whenever yuo have these exepreicnes. the trouble will run from you.

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