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For years, I have felt like I have been chased by a demon

From: Melissa

My Experience: I am 50 years old. For years, I have felt like I have been chased by a demon. I see demonic faces quite often, I have heard growling when there is nothing around me and I have awful dreams constantly. At the same time, I feel like I have an angel protecting me. She has told me her name, advised me on things to do and let me know when people are sick. When I was a teenager, my friends and I thought we would be cool and get into Satanism. We read the Necronomican and The Satanic Bible. I soon became disinterested in it and let it alone. A few years later, I started having experiences at night where I was awake and would become paralyzed in my bed. I could fell something holding me down. I would try to scream and nothing would come out. I would then start to fight this invisible force and I could feel myself slide off of the bed, get tangled in the sheets and roll around while fighting this unseen force. After a few minutes, I would be in my bed perfectly still with the covers and blankets undisturbed. This started happening nearly every night and i became afraid to fall asleep or close my eyes. Even though I felt that I was awake, I didn’t really know. One time, I could feel myself levitate over the bed. I still remember what this felt like. I was very sacred and started praying to God, not being a very religious person to begin with. One night, things started to happen again and then they just stopped. I had closed my eyes in fear and when I opened them, there was this little angel on the ceiling of my bedroom. I can still see her face in my mind. After that, I never had those experiences again. But, I still feel like I am being pursued, but I think something or someone stops this demon from getting to me. I don’t know….it is just a weird feeling. I have often wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience.


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  1. You have connected to negative forces & made them aware of your presence. Light a candle saying: “I light this flame in the name and with the Light of the Holy Five for whom the Lord of the Old Testament and the New created the Universe so that all the darkness around me vanishes through them.” Keep clean. Wash yourself well after urinating & passing stools.

  2. Melissa, what has worked for me in the past is calling out for JESUS. By saying his name, whatever is in my room disappears. There have been a couple times where I could barely get the words out…Something was trying to stop me. But as soon as I was able to say Jesus. It went away.

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