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I started having dreams of demons coming after me

From: Nate

My Experience : Sorry in advance. I know this is a real life experience site. I’ve never really had a personal experience per say,but my dreams always made me question if the paranormal existed. I believe it’s real but at the same time I’m not sure because they were all just dreams,but these dreams were enough for me to post all this.I’m not going into every dreams detail because it’ll be way too it is.
Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve had morality nightmares. These nightmares were always of some woman with long hair and pale skin chasing me persistently and terrorising me. I could never escape until I woke up. Sometimes the dreams are so unsettling that I shot up from bed awake. Back then the dreams of that lady were so common that I started to feel like I was being watched in reality and not just dreams. I never tried to investigate it off anything then and did my best to ignore it. Up until I was in 9th or 10th grade the dreams of the ghostly woman stopped. The last dream I had similar to that went like this. I was outside in a foggy yard, then I saw a little girl that looked like the woman on a swing. That’s all I could remember. Since those dreams stopped I I’ve been really interested in the paranormal and have watched and read several things pertaining to that subject. A couple years later I started having dreams of demons coming after me. I always managed to escape in the dreams until a certain point. Then the dreams with demons got so real I started s
Questioning if I was actually awake while it happened. Recently the dreams changed,after awhile I started getting caught and almost possessed. I wouldn’t escape from the demons. Lately though Instead of just possessing,they would convert me and I’d become some sort of’s never too clear what though.

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  1. when people are young they usaully have bad experiences that would cause the bad dreams, if that wasn’t your past then that part is cleared. The dreams of an old woman chasing you is more or less the things that you are not dealing with and you may not know it ’cause it’s problably subcontious, but if it’s hapenig all the time then it’s probably you subcontiously werying about things not talked about. Try to look back to your past life and if it hit’s you like a ton of bricks then try to talk someone. But it stopped, if it stopped then you problably stopped werying about it. But just in case you do have those dreams again try to look back at your past then if you remember talk to someone about it. It be best, but if that’s definetly not the case then it’s most likely paranormal acitvity. When you had the dreams consistinly and felt them real then you are probably lucid dreaming, that is where you’re dreaming and it feels real and you know what it’s about.

  2. You are under the shadow of some evil entities since you have been a child. Keep very clean. Wash yourself well thrice after urinating or passing stool. If you are a girl then say clean during menses. Light a candle in the name of The Holy Five for whom the Lord Created the Universe and ask God to burn the negative entities in their light. All entities will begone.

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